Travel Insurance: The last th

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The benefits of buying travel insurance are well documented.  There is always the slight risk that we could become unwell on holiday or backpacking, just as if we were at home surrounded by our friends and loved ones.  The fact that we are travelling to a foreign country does not mean we can relax whilst on holiday and simply wait until we get home before falling ill. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Top Hampstead Wedding Venues

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Hampstead is well known for its beautiful buildings and estates which open their doors to couples looking to tie the knot in some of the grandest venues in London. When I was researching my Wedding in 2012 I myself took a look at these lovely venues and wanted to share my top choices with you. Kenwood House If you are a fan of Hugh Grant you might recognise this elegant mansion from the film.... {{ Continue Reading }}

I’m Crap with Photograph

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I'm not great with photography. I'm not sure if it's a patience thing, or a lack of creativity thing. Can I just not be bothered to line up the perfect shot, or am I just unable to see the perfect shot? Steve's really good at stuff like that though. In fact, he's started an Instagram account for our family and friends, and is deliberately trying to take really cool photos to see if he can get m.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Something for Everyone: Why Au

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The fantastic thing about the Austrian Alps as a skiing destination, is that it has such a diverse range of resorts and pistes to choose from. This means that if you are trying to emulate Franz Klammer or happen to be a slightly nervous beginner, or maybe you just want to cruise past some stunning scenery at your own pace, you are bound to find a spot that ticks the right box. In addition to so.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Benefits Of Being An Internati

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You've finished high school and want to travel abroad but it's not in the budget. You've completed two years of university but are still unsure of what to declare as your major. Sound familiar? Looking for some options before you start university or are you wishing to experience some cultural adventures to decide your life goals? Spending a year or two as an au pair will provide you a wealth of ex.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Travel and Disease: Things to

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One of the best things about setting off on an adventure overseas is the fact that it allows you to kiss goodbye to everyday concerns and focus on having fun. Having said that, there are certain practical issues that you simply can’t afford to ignore - and health is one of them. Given how simple it now is to globe hop, it’s all too easy to forget about the potential medical risks that await tr.... {{ Continue Reading }}