Sky High Inspiration: The Amaz

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 19, 2017 in ::-Featured
There are plenty of reasons to head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, especially if you’re inspired by the outdoors and love to exercise.  However, the incredible sights also bring out the artistic side in many visitors and locals.  There’s an incredible art scene taking place in Jackson Hole, and if you’re planning on coming out, you’ll want to plan ahead so you get a chance to see all that the.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Digital Dice: A Brief History

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The idea of gambling and the Internet, despite the popularity of Internet gambling sites, are far cries from one another. The former evokes images of suave suited men weighed down by necklaces and watches of gold, beautiful women bringing you champagne bottles in a casino jam packed by hopeful souls looking to get past their losing streak, and the adrenalin rush of a winning hand at a game of blac.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Expert Advice on Claiming Comp

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An accident that happens on holiday is never fun. But when the accident happens abroad, it becomes very complicated to get things straightened. You may be in a place with different rules, different benefits, different languages, and different levels of income. In a place where the rights of both people are very different, it is difficult to figure things out yourselves. This is when it is a good i.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Our Best and Worst Bits of Ice

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Steve and I like to check out holiday destinations that seem to be a little bit different to the holiday choices of our nearest and dearest. [caption id="attachment_162" align="aligncenter" width="400"] In the National Park during the Golden Circle[/caption] Our plan for our year-long trip starting September is still under discussion, but we wanted to get our blog going so thought we’d  b.... {{ Continue Reading }}


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Dreams do come true! As most of you know, Steve and I have been working our way around the world for a while now, hopping from one place to the next like a couple of pre-uni Gap Year teens - except with money! One country I had always wanted to visit was India…and here we are! After all the working and the saving, we grabbed the chance to explore the place. India is the seventh largest countr.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Must See Megastructures Around

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Megastructures are popping up all around the world. Some of these super constructions are a must see in your lifetime, or at least before they get replaced by the next big thing. China currently has plans to build the next tallest building in the world. There were even plans to build a dam across the Strait of Gibraltar, lowering the entire Mediterranean Sea by 200m. Read on to find out which mega.... {{ Continue Reading }}