5 top horse racing events around th

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Horse racing is one of the post popular sports in the world and there are some fantastic events worth checking out across the globe. Royal Ascot, the Breeders' Cup and the Melbourne Cup are amongst racing's top attractions, but there's plenty more on offer throughout the year. Read on for our top five recommendations of the finest horse racing events. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

6 Best Cycling Routes in India

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Cycling excursions are a great way to explore India. You can mix sport, nature and culture when you are touring on a bicycle. The beauty of bicycling is that you can travel through difficult trails and routes that are inaccessible to cars and other modes of transport. You can feel the true pulse of the place you are visiting, not to speak of the different trails - cross-country, downhill or freeri.... {{ Continue Reading }}

5 Fairytale Locations That Might Ju

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Are you dreaming of a holiday wherein you will find yourself in awe of your destination because of the fairytale-like scene that will unfold right in front of your eyes? Well, you should consider the places below and make them next on your travel list. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

London Gatwick Airport Still Popula

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AirportParking, an online company in the UK that helps people find airport car park spaces, has revealed that London Gatwick Airport offers some of the best investment opportunities in car parking spaces. Investors have seen above-assured returns on their investments. The company encourages everyone considering making an investment to book a stay in the car park first in order to find out why thes.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Tips For Traveling Abroad With Kids

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Traveling with kids can be a daunting thing to imagine.  Particularly when it’s a transcontinental journey.  Many parents opt to skip it altogether out of the fear of the multiple ways things could possibly go wrong. What if they throw a fit in line at the airport?  What if they cry the entire flight?  What happens if they poop or pee their pants mid-journey?  How am I possibly going to ent.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Travelling the United States: Don&#

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If you’re looking for fun and unique adventures on your vacation, you should check out the host of activities available in Louisiana. If you choose to stay in the state capital of Baton Rouge, you’ll be within easy distance of some of the most exciting tourist attractions in the US! (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

An old-school Chinese game for when

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The world has always been attracted to the three-reel slot every now and then. There is something very appealing about the old school three-reel slots. Of course, players do lose the opportunity of acquiring bonus features like those available in easier, more user-friendly five slot games. Sometimes, the easier slots turn out to be more immersive as in the case when you play Chinese Kitchen online.... {{ Continue Reading }}

A travel-themed game to stave off t

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If you are fond of slot machine gaming, you simply can’t do without the awesome Gonzo’s Quest. It is based on a historical Spanish character known as Gonzalo Pizzaro. The animated 3-D version of the game is not just exciting but funny as well. The explorer is set to find Eldorado- the lost city of gold. The fictional city’s search takes him places and can bring a small fortune your way too. .... {{ Continue Reading }}