The Best Opera Houses Around The Wo

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If you’re a fan of music that’s especially long and complex, then there are few artforms more compelling than opera. An opera is the grandest and most elaborate stage for a composer to flex his musical muscles, and some of the most famous pieces of music in history are taken from larger operatic works. If you’ve ever been to a wedding, the chances are that you’ll have heard the bridal chor.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Digital Dice: A Brief History of On

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The idea of gambling and the Internet, despite the popularity of Internet gambling sites, are far cries from one another. The former evokes images of suave suited men weighed down by necklaces and watches of gold, beautiful women bringing you champagne bottles in a casino jam packed by hopeful souls looking to get past their losing streak, and the adrenalin rush of a winning hand at a game of blac.... {{ Continue Reading }}

How to Eat While on the Go

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If you live an active lifestyle, you obviously care about being healthy. Readers of our site are obsessed with how to maintain a healthy body, but for those who also live active lifestyles, there are a few extra challenges. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Traveling Successfully As A Team

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Imagine yourself moving freely through an airport.  Carry-on slung over your shoulder, you glide weightlessly through the crowds and gates.  Your only concern is you, your times, your needs.  Hungry? Grab a sandwich.  Thirsty? Sit for a beer.  You watch a little Sportscenter, answer some emails, and then board your plane at your convenience.   (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Travel Blues Turned into Travel Bli

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Okay, so I might perhaps be using the “travel blues” phrase wrong in this instance, but that’s okay I guess because this is indeed a blog about all things related to travel and not one about the proper use of English idioms. So yeah, I know that having the travel blues fundamentally means you exist in a trans-like state while harbouring your daydream-driven longing to jump on a plane and fly.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Tips For Making Long Distance Relat

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Dating is hard when you’re in the the same town as somebody. Imagine putting a couple hundred or thousand miles into the equation and things get harder much faster. Different relationships operate differently, so you can’t say that a long distance relationship is never a good idea. They can work, but with love, it’s all about communication, being flexible, and being willing to compromise or .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Expert Advice on Claiming Compensat

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An accident that happens on holiday is never fun. But when the accident happens abroad, it becomes very complicated to get things straightened. You may be in a place with different rules, different benefits, different languages, and different levels of income. In a place where the rights of both people are very different, it is difficult to figure things out yourselves. This is when it is a good i.... {{ Continue Reading }}

How to manage your energy bills whe

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Most apartments that you move into will already have gas and electricity set up, ready to go, ready to come out of your account. However, if you want to be smart about how much you pay for your bills, you should first learn a little bit about how things work in Espana. There are a fair few differences between how bills work in the United Kingdom and in Spain, and not all the same regulations will .... {{ Continue Reading }}