Our 2014 Christmas Gift Guide!


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It’s beginning to look at a lot like Christmas…even in Malaysian Borneo! OK, so it may be roasting hot here, but there are still Christmas trees aplenty and carols played in the shopping centres, so we’re not totally without a Christmas build up being away from the UK – just missing an advent calendar which, being the chocoholic I am, am a little gutted about.

We’re flying back to the UK on December 22nd, arriving home on the 23rd to spend Christmas zooming all over the UK to catch up with various family and friends.

What this means is, while I’ve been picking up little bits and bobs here and there as prezzies for our loved ones back home, we can’t obviously carry large or heavy items back with us, so we can’t do our traditional Christmas shopping trip to Manchester or Liverpool to pick up gifts for everyone, and instead we’ve (I’ve!) been ordering everything online. To be honest, getting out of our annual shopping trip this year has made Steve’s month!

So I’ve put together this guide to our favourite presents we’ve purchased online, just to give some ideas to fellow travellers needing to purchase online, people who’ve moved abroad, or even those staying at home over Christmas who, like Steve, prefer to avoid the madness of the shops this time of year! Enjoy!

1. Hilarious Christmas Jumpers from Tipsy Elves (www.tipsyelves.co.uk)

If a dodgy Christmas jumper is good enough for Bridget Jones, it’s good enough me for me – and there are some absolute crackers on this site! Steve and I ordered a handful of them for various friends and family members – and one each for ourselves!

The jumpers are incredibly quirky and original. A lot of the designs are subtly rude and funny, and definitely a fab prezzie for anyone with a great sense of humour. Santa weeing in the snow, decapitated snowmen, Nana in a hit and fly accident involving reindeer…as I said, there’s something for everyone!


I’ve order a gorgeous green jumper for myself featuring reindeer. Look carefully at it, and the reindeer are doing the conga…!

Humping reindeer. Only with Tipsy Elves!
Humping reindeer. Only with Tipsy Elves!


We’re totally sad getting jumpers of matching colour (cheesy couple alert!) but Steve loved this bucktooth reindeer design – and it was one of the least offensive designs so he’ll get away with wearing it on Xmas Day in front of his grandma! I, on the other hand, am banking on her not realising the reindeers are up to no good…

reindeer bucktooth

The items arrived quickly via Royal Mail tracked 48 hour service. Steve and I are, obviously, away at the moment, but we got our housemates to let us know when the package arrived (within 2 days of our order!) and to take a few pics of our items for us. Can’t wait to get home and try them on!

2. Hot Topic – Have gone a bit Disney mental! (www.hottopic.com)

I found this site last month whilst looking for Disney-themed gifts for my toddler niece and baby nephew. Then it kind of escalated and I’ve bought Disney presents for my grown-up sisters from the site as well – and have earmarked a few ideas for myself! You’re never too old for Disney…are you?

So cute for my niece! (Or for her Auntie Becky...)
So cute for my niece! (Or for her Auntie Becky…)


Hot Topic doesn’t just sell Disney items, but has tonnes of popular categories; Harry Potter, Hunger Games, super heroes, The Goonies, Sherlock. Definitely worth checking out.


Couldn't resist this for my Potter-mad step-sis!
Couldn’t resist this for my Potter-mad step-sis!


3. Get Personal at Moonpig! (www.moonpig.com)

Yes the advert is cheesy and I hate the “moonpig dot com” at the end (though not more than the Go Compare advert – NOTHING beats that for making you want to slam someone’s head into a wall!), but the site does offer a lot of options for personalised gifts.

I love personalised gifts as they’re so fun to make, and I think the recipient often feels special if a bit of thought and effort has gone into their gift.

Also, my dad is incredibly hard to buy for – but I know he’ll love this!

He’s mad on dogs and currently has 2 who we all love to pieces – Cara and Tilly. He and my step-mum lost 2 of their other dogs this year and last, so I thought I’d get them both a personalised mug featuring images of all 4.

4. A Quirky Watch at a Great Price! (www.woodwatches.com)

I love my mum to pieces, and I don’t often struggle to come up with ideas for a Christmas present for her. This year she did say she would like a casual watch, and I was made up when I found this site as the watches are gorgeous and, for what they are, not too expensive at all.

This is the one I chose for her; light coloured wood (Ely design) so will go with lots of her outfits. Slightly blurry photo courtesy of Steve’s sister :o)

watch pic


Well folks, I have a couple more gift ideas to add to my guide but am just waiting for a few pics to be emailed over from back home! Will updated asap!

Thanks for reading,