Four quick tricks that’ll le

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Travellers have one thing in common, whether you’ve been bitten by the long-term travel bug or just desperate for a holiday - any holiday! - and that is the question of how to pay for it. Since the credit crunch many of us are (at least, we should be) a bit more wary of getting ourselves into debt, and more interested in saving money wherever we can. But if you’re itching to get on the r.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Fund your travels with fast lo

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Sometimes, when the open road calls your name, it can be at a time that cash flow may indeed be a slight problem. While I'd never advocate getting into serious debt for travel, I am certainly guilty of taking out a little loan to fund short trips... (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Travel doctor: where to go for

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My friend and I would like to go away for two weeks from June 15 as a post-university holiday. We have a maximum of £1,500 each to spend and would like to go somewhere we can combine culture, wildlife and some time on the beach. Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Galapagos appeal, but we would be open to suggestions. Also, what would the visa requirements be (if any), how much do they cost and would we.... {{ Continue Reading }}