Making the Most of Your Canadi

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“Marge, anyone can miss Canada, all tucked away down there.” Those words from Homer Simpson sum up the attitudes of many who think of Canada. People tend to see it as a poorer relation to the United States. That’s a little understandable, as the USA is a rich tapestry of different cultures and traditions. The US attracts people in a way that other countries don’t. That doesn’t mean it sh.... {{ Continue Reading }}

River VS Ocean Cruises: What

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In recent years, river and ocean cruises have become two of the most popular types of holiday. With thousands of travellers opting for the water over traditional beach getaways, the cruise market looks to be growing exponentially – but if you had to choose one or the other, which would you opt for? Although each come with a wealth of benefits, the price for river and ocean cruises can vary signi.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Make Amsterdam Your Next Holid

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If you’re looking for a city break, you’re bound to be considering Europe. I don’t blame you. Europe is home to some of the world’s most exciting and interesting cities for tourists to explore. Today, Asian cities attract more tourists, but European cities still have a wide appeal. You may feel that Asian cities are worth exploring. Many tourists have never been to the East while they’ve.... {{ Continue Reading }}

The Best Premier League Cities

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Any football fans out there will be more than aware that the Premier League kicked off last week, with a few shock results, including Manchester United's defeat to Swansea and Burnley's initial one up over Chelsea. We're still in the early stages though and for all you football fans out there, there are more than 300 games to enjoy – it's just a case of where to enjoy them. If you're a keen trav.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Fun Things to Do in Vietnam

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I think Vietnam is one of the greatest places in all of Asia. It’s steeped in exciting history, and has an unbelievable amount of beauty that just can’t be realised until you’ve seen it for yourself. The people of Vietnam make visiting all the more lovely; they are always cheery and polite. Without further adieu, here are some fun things to do in Vietnam if you’re thinking of visiting: Ha.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Awesome Things You Must-Do Whe

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Indonesia consists of a large group of islands, situated on the south-east coast of Asia. It’s part of an area known as the ‘ring of fire’ because the area is a hotbed of volcanic activity. There are approximately 120 active volcanoes scattered across the islands of Indonesia. This makes it a popular tourist attraction for those who like to live on the extreme side of life. There are adventu.... {{ Continue Reading }}