5 Places You Need to Visit in

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Most individuals create a bucket list which consists of places to see and things to do before life is over. One of the most common areas added to a bucket list is the Himalayas. The wondrous mountain chain offers a variety of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery that is a must-see before you die. Most people do not have any idea what can be enjoyed in the Himalayas and it is important to learn.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Fun and Fabulous Things to Do

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France is home to so much more than Paris. While Paris is stunning, there is a lot more to this magnificent country than the capital. Head out of Paris. Here you will see a wealth of beautiful towns, lovely countryside retreats and powdery mountains. France is vast and different. There is so much to see and enjoy within this gorgeous country. The food is a delight on the palate, and the views and .... {{ Continue Reading }}

The Stag Weekend: Guide to the

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Planning a stag weekend is one of the best parts of preparing for an upcoming wedding, and Europe is packed full of amazing destinations to suit every preference. These five cities represent some of most excitement and fun that a stag weekend can offer, so make sure they're all on your shortlist.   1) Amsterdam   There are good reasons why Amsterdam is one of the classic .... {{ Continue Reading }}

All Aboard! How to Keep your B

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As many boat owners already know, the weather and water conditions will play their part in deciding when you can spend a day on the river, regardless of how enthusiastic you are to set sail. This means that there are periods of time where your boat will be sitting around, making it vulnerable to damp and a build-up of dust and dirt. The last thing you want to do is spend valuable sailing time g.... {{ Continue Reading }}

River Cruising On The Danube

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From quaint villages to spectacular cities, there’s a reason why river cruising is one of the most popular types of holiday. Not only is all your food and accommodation included in the price of your ticket, but you’ll also get to experience multiple destinations during your cruise; you could literally go to sleep in one city, and wake up in another. When it comes to specific destinations and.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Stunning Ibiza Sunsets: Top Pl

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Ibiza is known for its party reputation. But when you travel here for your holiday, one of the best memories that you will take home with you is the fabulous sunsets. You can see sunsets all over the island, and they really are incredible spectacles. Here are a few of the top destinations for you to enjoy a truly special sunset when you stay in Ibiza. The Sunset Strip The name says it al.... {{ Continue Reading }}

What is it like to take a Tran

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Read on to learn more about what you might see on your journey with Trans-Siberian Railway. When travelling by rail between such diverse countries as China, Mongolia, and Russia, there is all sorts of historically unique architecture and natural scenery to observe. Here’s a sneak-peak of 5 of the travel highlights from riding with the Trans-Siberia Railway Company: 1. The Great Wall of .... {{ Continue Reading }}