Time to Book the Summer Holida

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The summer holiday is a greatly anticipated time of year for parents and children alike. Gone is the hassle of waking up early to usher children into uniforms, double checking schoolbags, and making sure everyone has their lunch. It means sleeping in a bit more, if you're lucky, and if not, then knowing that a fun holiday trip filled with new memories is just around the corner.   Howeve.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Things to Consider When Choosi

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Getting away from it all for a few days, a week or longer can give you a much needed opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy the finer things in life. However, there’s a knack to planning the perfect trip. For example, if you intend to stay in a holiday cottage, you’ll need to find one that meets each and every one of your needs. The fact is, there’s no shortage of accommodation on offer, so .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Deal with Excess Baggage Witho

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Travelling is a joy, and many of us do it for different reasons. Some do it to sample the cultures of different countries while some are keener on trying out the staple cuisine a place has to offer, whilst some go around the globe just to find bargains that will keep their wallet in a better state! But what do you do when you get carried away with all the great finds a place has to offer? Luckily .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Car Tyres Safety Checklist 

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Journeys in the car that are a bit longer than a run to the shops or the usual commute to work need a bit more preparation. You might want to fill the tank, check the oil level or top up on screen wash as well as planning the best route. However, when preparing a road trip you should never forget to pay attention to your car's tyres. All successful road trips work well because of the planning that.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Mountain vs Road Bike – whic

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Which bike is right for you? First ask yourself some simple questions. Do you love those peaceful early morning rides before the cars fill up the streets? Or do you enjoy traversing nature and battling the elements? The type of bike you choose can reveal something about your personality, but also the type of stimulus that motivates you the most. What do you hope to gain from adopting a cycling lif.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Money Saving in Paris – My T

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Paris is exorbitant? Let’s bust that myth right now... I’ve been visiting Paris on and off since I was little, with my most recent visit being in the late winter of 2014. In the time I’ve been visiting this amazing city, it’s fair to say there’s been a lot of change. Paris like London, like New York, is a true world city, and things don’t stay the same for long. The biggest diffe.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Welcome to Liverpool!

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There are a wonderful array of attractions awaiting you in Liverpool, from spectacular galleries and museums to the most successful football team in English history. The city also has a huge selection of free activities, and a wide selection of stores for shopaholics. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}