Exploring the World – Bike F

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Though it may seem like a lifetime away, the summer holiday season is edging closer and closer, and there’s no time like the present to start making those exciting plans. If you’re the adventurous type who’d rather explore on two wheels than by foot, then establishing which cities across the world are bike-friendly is a must. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Best Travel Shoes for a 2015 S

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I know that when I’m packing for a summer holiday, I want to bring a suitable pair of shoes for any occasion. But when you’ve got a limited amount of space to bring shoes with you, you have to think smart and get the most use out of whatever you take. That’s why I’ve created this guide, backed up by plenty of trial and error, of the perfect shoes to bring for your travels this summer. &.... {{ Continue Reading }}

What to see this April in Euro

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You might say "shut up, we're still well into the winter" - but you would be surprised how fast spring can come! The leaves will start turning green and the flowers to bloom in no time! Springtime is almost upon us, so this is the perfect time to plan your off-season trips to some of the most amazing destinations of the Mediterranean. These are perfect to be visited during the spring - their touri.... {{ Continue Reading }}