Dancers Paradise: Best of the

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The night clubbing scene is a huge industry and hard core partygoers regularly travel around the world to enjoy a night out in the best venues. Everywhere from America to Asia is known for its night clubs and bars, but Europe is home to not only some of the world’s most popular party-crazy resorts but also to some of the most unique and extravagant clubs. If you are planning on hitting up some o.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Italian Rimini

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Are you planning a visit to the old and romantic Italy? I suggest you to consider visiting not only Venice, Rome and Florence but also a city situated on the Adriatic Coast: Rimini. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit

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I just caught myself thinking again about my stay last winter at the Three Valleys in France, and I think I am starting to feel a hankering to book another ski holiday…. I’ve been to the Three Valleys twice now, once with family and once just with my partner, and both times have proven to be 2 of my all-time favourite ski holidays – no easy accolade to win considering how many ski trips I’.... {{ Continue Reading }}

The Salar de Uyuni – A Journ

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Bolivia is one of those true travelling gems, the kind of travel destination that is visited by those looking for a unique, adventurous, occasionally hard work but truly rewarding travel experience. The kind of travel destination that seems to exist in a dream-like world, where landscapes are so epic they are almost beyond imaginable. The kind of travel destination that creates stories and memorie.... {{ Continue Reading }}

A European Road Trip: The perf

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Heading off around Europe with a group of friends setting your own agenda makes for a great holiday. If you’ve passed your test recently, then it’s a tremendously liberating feeling taking to Europe’s open roads after hours of driving lessons and studying for the driving theory test and learning the all-important rules of the road. The lessons picked up during the study and practice sessions.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Top 6 Swimming Spots in UK

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Now that the heat is here what better way to beat the hot summer days than dip yourself in a pool of cold and clean water? Luckily, there is no shortage of swimming spots in the UK, from the more accessible lido pools, waterfalls, river streams, mysterious lakes, to the remote coastal areas and uninhabited islets. Dust off your bucket-list and begin jotting down these top six swimming spots in UK .... {{ Continue Reading }}

All Greece Everything: Sporade

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Looking to holiday in Greece but aren’t sure where to go? With its white washed houses, crystal clear waters, olive groves and some of the oldest historical sites in the world, Greece is ideal for the perfect holiday. This simple guide will help you to choose among three of the most beautiful and relaxing destinations: the Sporades, Athens and the Cyclades. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}