The future of flight

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When it comes to engineering, aerospace is one of the most exciting fields around at present – and you don’t need to be an engineer to appreciate it! If you regularly fly abroad on holiday, you’ll find that each experience is a little bit different as plane designs are gradually changing all the time. With the development of new flight technologies, the pace of change is ramping up, and holi.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Would having a heart attack at

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Have you ever thought you couldn’t do something because you’ve had a bad day? Well it’s time you changed your outlook on life and get up and achieve your dreams.  A lady who survived a fatal cardiac arrest while doing nothing more than playing a game of bingo has incredibly completed a 10k marathon only 7 months on. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Preparing To Travel: Staying M

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When it comes to travel preparations, it can be difficult to stay on top of things when you have other commitments; whether it is a job, family or simple housework chores, ensuring you’re fully prepared for your travels can easily cause a lot of unwanted stress. Whilst these worries may feel as though they are never-ending, there are a few pieces of sound advice that can be adopted in order to e.... {{ Continue Reading }}