Travel Vaccinations – Are Yo

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There are lots of things to think about when travelling abroad, but if you want to avoid catching a serious disease, it is vital that you have had the necessary vaccinations. Most people are already protected against serious diseases such as tuberculosis and measles, but there are many infectious diseases found in overseas destinations, so you need to be prepared before you set off on your travels.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Learning about Expired Domains

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We get tons of emails every week about “how can I be a successful blogger” “how can I make money blogging” and the like. To be absolutely honest, we didn’t really have a strategy, we just fell into long term travel.  However now we have got the bug, and we’re making a decent living whilst we’re away we find ourselves wondering the same questions… How do we do it?  What are we .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Thailand by Bike, Boat and Bus

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Sometimes a holiday is more than long enough and you just want to get back home. The sun has been too hot, you’ve exhausted all the activities and seen all there is to see. On other occasions, it’s just not long enough because you’ve not had the chance to see it all and get a feel for the “real” location (that, and it’s nicer than going home and back to work!) (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

How much of a culture shock is

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Moving anywhere will result in changes that can sometimes be hard to adjust to. A vastly different place can result in new residents feeling out of place and like they will never fit in. With more and more business opportunities becoming available in the Middle East, many new college graduates find themselves tempted to make the move. Here are some things to consider if you are considering a move .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Five Things You Have To See An

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Austria is an amazingly beautiful place to visit, and many people have taken vacations there that they will remember for their entire lifetime. While anyone can benefit from a trip to this European country, bloggers have found it to be a wonderful place to visit and talk about on their blogs. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

A Run down of Austria’s Best

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The Alps known the world over for the stunning long winding slopes, a skiers heaven. Many people chose to Austria as their number one destination to stay at due to the vast number of different resorts to choose from. Austria has some of the heaviest snow falls of pure powder snow, you can also check out the snow reports from this excellent resource. Austria has some of the best alpine propertie.... {{ Continue Reading }}