3 Tips on Packing a Car For a

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One of the most stressful situations that a person can go through is moving from one home to another. There are a variety of things that need to happen in order for a move to go successful. In order to get all of your things moved, you will have to use every available resource to get everything in the new home. One of the best ways to get your smaller things moved into a new home is by using your .... {{ Continue Reading }}

Business Traveling: How to Man

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As a business person, there may be several situations while travelling to unfamiliar countries where instructions are given in a foreign language. Secondly, you may have to communicate with your supplier or marketer and are unaware of how to interact with them in a cordial manner. This could affect your business proposition and even spoil your trip. Below are some guidelines which can be beneficia.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Amsterdam on a Shoestring!

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Living in the UK, there are loads of nearby places in Europe to visit, and one of my absolute faves in Amsterdam. Being on a hop, skip and a jump from the UK, there are tonnes of cheap flights and mega-deals on short breaks there, and I always keep my eye out for these, but there's also loads of cheap activities to do when you get there, so it's basically a fab place to visit no matter what you.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Top Five Civil War Sites

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Each year visitors from the United States, and around the world, come to visit famous Civil War sites. While there are dozens of historic landmarks, a handful of parks are widely known for the bygone events that led to their enduring reputations. Each of these sites and structures recall the fateful events that took place during North America’s Civil War. From Fort Sumter, where the war broke ou.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Why Mexico Should Be On Your B

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What is the best way to relax? TRAVEL! I know what you're thinking - traffic, flight delays, baggage problems and other fiascos.  Well, let's take a look at the positive side; you get to see places, meet people, eat unique delicacies, and learn new things. Not bad, right? Best of all - no cleaning, no cooking and no laundry! (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Barcelona a City of Food ̵

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If you’re wanting to holiday in a European city, Barcelona is a fantastic and beautiful choice. Not only is there countless cheap flights for all trip lengths from a weekend to a week, there is an abundance of great quality accommodation. Starting at the lower priced hostels, and moving all the way to apartment rentals from sites like Housetrip, Barcelona’s accommodation sets you in the heart .... {{ Continue Reading }}