The Moon, Mars And Heaven On E

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Atacama Desert, South America – a unique place considered the driest one on the planet! I recently found out about a unique combination of characteristics there: almost no rainfall, skies that are clear as crystal, high altitudes between 2410m and 4270m and close to zero light pollution, which all makes this moonlike landscape one of the best stargazing havens in the world. That's when I decided.... {{ Continue Reading }}

Top 5 extreme water sports

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There are a host of watersports on offer here in the UK and further afield. Whether you simply want to paddle in the ocean or you’re keen to get stuck into adrenaline-fuelled water-based pursuits, you won’t be stuck for options. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Four Amazing Travel Destinatio

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If you’re a vegetarian, you’ve probably been faced with a lack of choice and selection your whole life when it comes to eating out; it’s one of the most common problems of being a veggie. As the UK becomes more and more health conscious in recent years, vegetarian and vegan dining is becoming a big fashion in the restaurant industry – so these days, there are plenty of places to choose fro.... {{ Continue Reading }}

A General Guide To The Chelten

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Earlier this year, we wrote a quick post about the chance to visit the Cheltenham Festival for the first time. And now that the horse racing season is (apparently) pretty much wrapped up in the UK, it seems a good time to spread the word about Cheltenham, so anyone who hopes to go can prepare for 2016! (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Finding the Right Company for

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One of the biggest decisions a person will have to make in their lifetime is in regards to where they will live. For some people, moving around is just part of their life, which means they will have to get familiar with the moving process. One of the most complicated moving processes you will have to deal with is a long distance one. In order to get your things to your new home far away, you will .... {{ Continue Reading }}


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Every ski enthusiast knows that the best trips are those that you’ve prepared for, so making sure that you’ve packed the essentials is a must. However there’re certain items that every skier needs if you plan to have a memorable trip. (more…).... {{ Continue Reading }}

Neil Emilfarb rediscovering Du

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Located in the southeastern part of the Europe, on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea on the Balkan Peninsula, the land of Doclea is a state with a rich history and national heritage behind it, stretching back for millenniums. It was first referenced as the land of the Roman Empire vassals, but in the 9th century, it became a part of the Serbian principality, and along with it, a part of the Byzant.... {{ Continue Reading }}