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Skidding down mud trails, falling out of planes, trailing along the fast lane in the car of your dreams – all this is extreme, and it’s available to try anywhere in the UK.

Indeed, a growing number of people are enjoying the white-hot thrill of extreme sports. From piston-loving petrolheads to thundering thrill seekers, thousands of people leave the confines of the city and head for a world of danger and adrenaline.

The UK is brimming with a raft of different locations and activities to enjoy a heart-in-mouth adventure. So, what are a few of the best?

Sidle onto a Segway

You might not associate them with hard-edged extreme sports, but a Segway is actually some of the most fun you can have on two wheels.


And the Segway adventure centre in Chepstow has everything you need to enjoy these two-wheeled wonders.

You’ll be taught how to manoeuvre complex tracks, race against your mates and finish time trials against the clock. Hop aboard before they’re difficult to book – this is becoming the hottest ticket in the UK.

Paint the tank red

Tanks are the coolest thing in the world. Paintball is the second coolest thing in the world. What’s cooler than them both? Why, tank paintball, of course.

Available in fields across the UK, tank paintball allows you to shoot a cannon-load of Dulux at your opponents, all while manoeuvring this finely tuned war machine.

The finest tank paintball location in the country is Armourgeddon, Leicestershire. Prices vary, but an intense two hour battle will set you back £95 – a trifle for an afternoon of unforgettable experiences.

You’ll get to enjoy team work, power and even exercise your strategic muscles as you pit tank against tank. You’ll be tanking the organisers for the memories before you leave (ahem).


AbZORB some fun

Zorbing is one of the more enjoyable ways you can recreate the feeling of being stuck in a human-sized hamster ball.

Essentially a large inflatable ball you roll around in, zorbing has a number of variants.

You can career down a hill in complete safety, play an insane game of football against your friends or even roll over a pool of water. There’s even the option of a tandem zorb, for any loving couples who want an unconventional romantic day out.

Who could have thought rolling down a hill in a giant ball could be so much fun?

Zorbing is available all across the UK, in countryside venues and city parks. And it’s doesn’t have to set you back an arm and a leg – an afternoon session will cost you under £80 in most locations.