3 Reasons Hotels Are Stupid


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For the most part, hotels are pretty unavoidable. If you ever have to leave the comfort of your own home and venture to a new town or land for work, pleasure, or both, you have to find lodging and that often comes in the form of a hotel room. Of course, there are many other options that are much better and offer you a lot more bang for your buck, but that’s beside the point. If you don’t quite understand why hotels are so stupid, here are just 3 reasons why:

They’re Expensive

Have you ever wanted to travel to a place and go to find lodging to realize that one night is more than you make in a week at your job? Sure. Hotels are businesses and they operate to make money, but with how much they charge, they should be offering their residents a lot more than a bed to sleep on, a shower to get clean in, and a really bad cup of lobby coffee. They should be offering complimentary massage, and personal chefs at no cost. Of course you have to find lodging while you’re away, but select an option that is either going to give you benefits for your money or couch surf with a friend or complete stranger.

They’re Gross

When you walk into a hotel the first thing you’re going to do is look around and check out how nice things are. If you’re inundated with a blatant filth, you’re going to feel less secure about you’re staying the night there. Most hotels have a smell about them that is enough to make the average person feel uncomfortable.

If you think about it, there have been different people sleeping on the mattress you’re going to be sleeping every night for the last 10 years at least. The pillows are full of other people’s dead skin cells. The showers have seen things no person can talk about, and the list goes on and on. Don’t stay in a hotel, stay in a resort. At least you’re getting the higher end of things.

They’re Almost Always Outdated and Ugly

Unless you have a lot of money and you’re able to stay in higher rated hotels, you’re going to find that every hotel you walk into is going to be grossly outdated and horrendously ugly. It seems like it’s a requirement of the business. If you build a hotel, it has to be carpeted from wall to wall, and it every piece of art is going to make you question your existence in a bad way.

Not that staying in a hotel is always bad, but just be sure to read reviews about the place you’re looking at and make sure it’s a nice establishment. There are always better options. Resorts are always the better option. But if for some silly reason you can’t pick the resort, know you brought the horror upon yourself.