3 Ways to Make Long Distance Road Trips Easier On Your Body


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As fun as road trips can be, there is no doubt that they’re hard on your body. Sitting in the same position in a cramped car for hours at a time has a way of throwing off chiropractic alignment, blocking up the bowels, and making every muscle in your body ache from disuse. Once you’ve arrived at your destination you’re exhausted, bloated, and any desire to do anything but crawl into a bed and sleep disappears.

Since the reason you took the road trip in the first place was most likely to enjoy yourself and not to simply enforce hours of monotonous hell on yourself for no good reason, it’s crucial that you figure out ways to make long distance road trips easier on your body so that when you arrive, you’re set to hop on the activities on the itinerary immediately. Here are 3 ways to make a road trip easier on your body:

Pick the Right Vehicle

The means of transportation makes all the difference in comfort. You don’t want to squeeze yourself into a tiny little vehicle just because it will get better gas mileage if you’re intent on making the trip more comfortable for you and whoever is embarking on the journey with you. If you’re making the trek cross country, starting in some place like Fort Lauderdale and heading to the west coast, before you embark on the trip, look up a dealership near you and get yourself a shiny new ride like a Lincoln MKZ or a Lincoln Continental. Think leg space, think plush seats, think butt warmers, and all the accessories.

Use the Rest Stops As Fitness Checkpoint

Road trips are so hard on the body for the reason that you’re cramped in a small space not really moving for hours and hours at a time. It will do you so much good to think about making each rest stop you pass a fitness checkpoint.

Maybe you think that this will add unnecessary time to travels, but if you make this a focus and you get out of the car at rest stops and run a couple laps around the perimeter or do some squats and stretches, you’ll feel amazing and once you do arrive at your destination, you’ll be able to jump right into activities instead of feeling like you need to hit the chiropractor or the hay.

Split Up the Distance

If you’re going on a trip is longer than 5 or 6 hours, you might think about splitting up the distance and completing the trip over a couple of days. This is a really good idea if you’re traveling with children, but it also makes things easier on your body. Less time a day in the car means that there will be less strain, so if using the rest stops as fitness checkpoints won’t’ work for you, or you don’t have the option to drive a shiny new Lincoln Navigator, just take your time on the road.