4 Reasons Foreign Visitors Should Book a Serviced Apartment

By :- Louise Jackson, On March 23, 2018 in ::-Accomodation

If you’re visiting the United Kingdom from abroad, you’ll probably be checking out the best hotels. However, you should really think about booking a serviced apartment instead. It might not be the most obvious choice, but it’s one that comes with certain compelling advantages, and here are just four.

  1. Easy Location

One of the toughest things about visiting another country is working out the local public transportation system, and this gets even harder if you aren’t too comfortable with the native tongue. Unfortunately, a lot of hotels will be positioned outside of the city centre, so you’ll need to take public transportation on a regular basis. Serviced apartments are usually converted period buildings that sit right in the city centre, so everything from shops to sights will be easier to reach.

  1. The Food You Love

Trying British food should be part and parcel of your holiday, and yet it’s nice to be able to cook up some of the food you’re used to on odd nights. Most major British cities have plenty of shops where you can buy foreign food, but you won’t be able to cook it in your hotel room. A serviced apartment will have its own fully-fitted kitchen, so you’ll be able to prepare your desired dishes.

  1. Space to Relax

Sometimes being in a new country can become overwhelming, even if you’re only there on holiday. A hotel room doesn’t provide much space to relax, but a serviced apartment can provide all the comforts of home.

  1. High Standards of Service

A hotel will do its best to accommodate your needs, but it can be tricky dealing with a new team member each time you need some help. When you book a serviced apartment, you’ll have a personal concierge who you can contact for advice or assistance. They’ll be familiar with you and able to provide all the information you require.