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If you have wanderlust after completing your doctoral degree or are taking a well-deserved break from work, then a year-long career break is the perfect way to break out of your comfort zone and see something spectacular.


Finding the money to fund your trip can be the most difficult part of setting out with your backpack in tow, but whether you’ve won the jackpot on SuperCasino or you’ve been putting away pretty much every penny you’ve earned from your weekend job, there are ways you can escape the country on any budget.


But where exactly should you hop on a plane to?


Home of the kangaroo

Australia is the place to find adventure and fun and also a good location to find work during your stay. Stop off on your way over in Asia and spend a few days being a tourist in Hong Kong and enjoy a true backpacker experience by joining up with a group.


Don’t miss out on: basking in the white sands of Coconut Island where you’ll also find sea turtle hatcheries and World War II relics or UFO spotting in Wycliffe Well.


Keep in mind: Australia’s culture is very similar so don’t expect to see anything new in that respect and the country is so vast many travellers never leave Sydney on their stay.


Home of ceviche and the Amazon rainforest

South America has so much to offer the intrepid explorer and during your visit you can travel around to enjoy the sights and sounds of vibrant destinations such as Peru, Brazil, Galapagos or Ecuador.


Don’t miss out on: tucking into a bowl of traditional Ceviche which consists of seafood marinated in lime or enjoying the breathtaking view of the vast Peru jungle on a rainforest canopy walkway.


Keep in mind: The rainy season is from December to April, Spanish is the most common language spoken and you should get vaccinated for malaria, rabies and typhoid before travelling.


Home of sushi and sumo

Japan is the trendy career breaklocation where you can enjoy incredible nights out, new cuisine and a whole new world of culture. Language-teaching job opportunities are also plentiful because many of its residents want to learn how to speak English.


Don’t miss out on: soaking in a natural hot spring in Dogo, visiting ancient sites and Buddhist temples or attending a sumo tournament.


Keep in mind: Japan has lots of rules in regards to etiquette in public, so take a look at this quick guide.


The home of deep fried spider on a stick

Thailand is the place to go if you want to experience a whole new culture, interesting cuisine (fried insects being a speciality) and island hopping. You can also visit local communities and get involved, to really get away from it all and experience a whole new way of living.


Don’t miss out on: dancing the night away at a beach party on the island of Koh Phangan or paying a visit to a floating market.


Keep in mind: A strong stomach is a good thing whilst visiting and Thailand has witnessed some serious crimes on tourists in recent months, so stay vigilant.


The home of the laid back lifestyle

Fiji is one of the most stunning locations in the world, where you will experience some of the most laid back and friendly people, on top of picture perfect blue waters, white sand and an abundance of interesting marine and wildlife.


Don’t miss out on: watching the brave locals fire walking, drinking copious amounts of Kava or crab hunting on the island of Qemea.


Keep in mind: The people of Fiji are very laidback, so don’t expect to get anywhere on time!


If your bags are now packed in anticipation it’s a good time to pick a destination, hop on a plane and experience something completely new!