5 Destinations You Must Fly to from Glasgow this Summer


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The world is filled with incredible locations, beautiful views and interesting ancient buildings. We work hard all year and it’s coming up to the time to take a holiday see what the world has to offer. With brilliant low cost parking at Glasgow Airport it really is the perfect place to start your adventure this summer with a calm atmosphere and great shops in duty free. What more could you ask for? So here’s five places we think you should jet off to.


Spain has always been a favourite for us Brits with millions heading to its golden shores each year… some even love it so much that they decide to stay. The great thing about Spain, apart from the sunshine, is that it has a little bit of everything. If you love culture, food and exploring old cities then you’ll love Spanish old towns like Alicante and Valencia. Whereas if you’re after some downtime on a beach and great nightlife you’ll love Ibiza and Benidorm.


Croatia really does have some of the most amazing views that this world has to offer. With secret waterfalls and beautiful sandy beaches you’ll love visiting this country this summer. Croatia has many islands off its mainland which are popular with holiday makers, but Brits also love to visit the city of Dubrovnik or Split. These are packed with culture but also have the sea on their doorstep.


Italy has always been and will always be a great summer holiday destination. Not only can Italy boast about it’s fabulous weather but the local cuisine is something that definitely draws in tourists each year. Brits love pasta and pizza, and you’re sure to find a fine local pizzeria when visiting any city in Italy. Why not hire a car and travel around this amazing country so that you can see all it has to offer?

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the perfect place to visit if you’re hoping to relax on the sea with one, two or maybe three cocktails. Hotel resorts on the coast of this country are known for their luxury. With bars on the pool, meaning you don’t even need to get out of the pool to get a drink, what’s not to love? It’s not all about beaches though, the Dominican Republic has lots of history and culture that you’ll love tapping into.


Greece is always a safe bet for your holiday. When visiting Greece, you are guaranteed beautiful sunshine and lots of intriguing culture. Head into the old towns of places like Rhodes to see some incredible architecture, or if you’re more of a party goer, you’ll find that locations like Kos are perfect for your partying needs.

These five countries are perfect destinations for your summer holiday, and for seeing the best of this world. So what are you waiting for? Get booking a fabulous trip today and make sure you take a camera to capture some beautiful images.