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Landscapes are something that has just one synonym – Beauty!! And all landscapes are really damn beautiful to the core. And when we are talking about landscapes, Europe can’t be left behind, because Europe has without doubt the most gorgeous and heavenly landscapes in the World!! So, here are 5 absolutely stunning landscapes of Europe that you should visit atleast once in your lifetime if you are someone who has an eye and lust for nature’s bountiful beauty. Read On.

1. The Azores: The majestic and breath-taking landscape of Azores is over-flowing with calderas, crater lakes, thermal water springs and fumaroles. The Azores is a landscape consisting of about 1765 volcanic mountains, from which 9 are still active. Adjacent to the Azores is the scenic sea which is every photographer’s delight. But the icing on the cake is literally the magnificent mountain of Pico, which has a perfectly intact conical shape and perhaps the best landscape in the whole of Europe to have the most magical experience ever!!.

2, Tuscany: This green and serene landscape is located in Central Italy and covers the area from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea. What makes Tuscany stand-out as a landscape worth mentioning about and visiting is the artistic heritage that is ingrained in all the cities of Tuscany. The unique thing about Tuscany for a dreamy traveller is that here nature’s beauty seamlessly merges with the beauties created by man. Tuscany surely brings the Golden Roman Age back from the ruins!! And yes, you can enjoy your stay anywhere in Tuscany at discounted rates courtesy the Premier Inn promo voucher that will help you save big on your accommodation.


3. The Faroe Islands: These are often called the hidden gems of Scandinavia, but for that matter these jaw-dropping cluster of islands can easily be called the hidden gems of the world itself. This is because the Faroe Islands are unknown to a majority of people in Europe itself. But these exotic islands are something that shouldn’t be missed at any cost whatsoever if you call yourself a true blue traveller!!

4. The Hallerbos Forest: The Hallerbos Forest in Belgium is a forest that should be visited by you just to enjoy the splendid blossoming of the beech leaves, a sight which is sure to make you feel alive to the fullest. You feel as if the purple blue colour of the bluebells fills your heart, soul and life with the most vibrant colours, something every traveller craves for. All the colours of the Hallerbos Forest are sure to leave a lasting impression on you for lifetime!!


5. Bonifacio: This rocky landscape of Europe is like a jackpot for every traveller and nature lover. Because, Bonifacio provides the beautiful pleasure and feel of two seas at one place. It is a landscape that has the Mediterranean Sea on its western side and the Tyrrhenian Sea on its Eastern side. Bonifacio is infact a collection of all types of beaches that can be there including sandy beaches and hidden coves. At Bonifacio, you can enjoy the soothing crystal clear water with your beloved or just you yourself!! Oh yes, you can now explore all the heady beaches of Bonifacio by utilizing the travel discounts by Dealslands.