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Unfortunately, travelling the world costs money. From expensive flights to mounting accommodation costs, every aspect of your adventure will set you back a pretty penny. The money you have left in the bank will most likely determine when you return home from a trip of a lifetime. You will therefore be happy to learn there are ways to cut back on travel costs, so you can make the most of your globetrotting lifestyle.

Book Your Excursions Before You Travel

Do not pay full price for an excursion at your destination. Instead, browse the internet to identify the best deal from a reputable company. Visit online forums such as TripAdvisor to ask people for any recommendations about where to book an excursion at your chosen destination. The website offers a community of travellers, so they will be more than happy to pass on their recommendations or offer advice on the companies you should avoid at all costs.

Use a Promo Code

Public transport is often your best bet when making your way to different areas of a town or city. However, every once in a while you will come across an amazing deal that could save you some cash, such as an Uber promo code that offers free credits for introductory riders – and you can often receive more free credits when you recommend a friend.

Make a Flight Delay Claim

If you are a regular jetsetter, the chances are you have experienced a flight delay at some point. However, did you know you could receive compensation for a delayed flight, depending on your destination? An airline is also required to provide food and drink vouchers to use at the airport during a delay, as well as provide overnight accommodation, if required. This will depend on the length and time of your delay, so ask at the help desk for more information if you are stuck at the airport.

Be Cheeky

If you don’t ask you won’t get. So, if you want a hotel room upgrade, a free drink or more leg room on a plane, be brave and ask if there is anything a company can do. Sometimes it pays to be a little cheeky, because not everyone will be as forward as you. So, the next time you travel, you could be stretching your legs on a flight, relaxing in the penthouse hotel suite and sipping on a free cocktail by the pool. You can therefore live the life of a luxury traveller on a backpacker’s budget.

Consider Changing Money Abroad

Many people often choose to change their money at home, not realising they could receive a better rate at their destination. Take a look at the currency exchange rate to find out whether it is worth changing your spending money at home, and visit an online travel community to identify the exchange rate at your holiday destination, which could be much be better than in your home country and could potentially add hundreds to your holiday money.