5 Places You Need to Visit in the Mystical Himalayas Before You Die


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Most individuals create a bucket list which consists of places to see and things to do before life is over. One of the most common areas added to a bucket list is the Himalayas. The wondrous mountain chain offers a variety of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery that is a must-see before you die. Most people do not have any idea what can be enjoyed in the Himalayas and it is important to learn the many recreational and beauty features of the area. Below are a few options for travel that include the Himalayas so you can enjoy this historic natural beauty.

Gokyo Lakes

Located in Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal, the Gokyo Lakes lay on an altitude of 15,400 to 16,400 feet above sea level. The lakes are a freshwater system and are the highest form of freshwater lakes on the planet. The waterfront consists of six main lakes with the largest being Thonak Lake. Certain religions consider the lakes to be of religious significance and when visiting the area you can wade into the waters, enjoy local wildlife or climb nearby Gokyo Ri. Take a look at the breathtaking view.



Island Peak 

Imja Tse is a mountain located in Eastern Nepal and known as Island Peak. This area is popular because it provides a difficult climb to the peak and can be an interesting way to see the Himalayas. When you begin a climb of Island Peak, you will start at a base camp which sits at close to 17,000 feet. You will then begin to climb in the early morning hours and then reach camps along the way. The climb is considered difficult when considering the steepness of the mountain.


National Parks

If you enjoy outdoor activities and want to consider camping or viewing the local wildlife, you will find the region of the Himalayas offer several National Parks. Travel to the Great Himalayan National Park or the Hemis National Park for unique views of the mountain range as well as a variety of outdoor activities.

Mount Kailash

Certain religions including Buddhism and Hinduism consider the region of the Himalayas a scared pilgrimage. There are several sites along the mountain range that are considered sacred, including Mount Kailash. You will find several temples that you can visit in the area where you may find a religious awakening or simply revel in the natural beauty of the area. Temples can be found in Tungnath, Kedarnath and Amarnath.

 Wildlife Sanctuaries

A common feature of the Himalayas is the amazing wildlife. There are several wildlife sanctuaries available in the area that you can see mammals, birds, reptiles, mollusks and more. A trip to the Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary or the Fambong La Wild Life Sanctuary both can offer you interesting exhibits of animals and insects native to the area.

These are just a few spots in the Himalayas that you can visit before you die. Consider the activities you enjoy so that you can plan a trip that will be a peaceful memory taking you into your final days or many years to come.