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The majority of people still pick summer to go on their annual holiday, while plenty of keen travellers will set off and often return in the warmer months. Normally this is due to allocated holiday time and the chosen countries also experiencing their summer. However, travelling through winter has many benefits.

Change of Climate

If you’re sick of cold, dull weather then going abroad to a country (or few) and experiencing their summer is a great plan for winter. This means you can enjoy the warm summer at home and get away during part of the chillier period. This may be a bit more expensive as you’ll have to travel to the southern hemisphere for real warmth. Cheaper options include visiting southern Spain which, while cooler than in summer, still experiences relatively warm winters.

Save Money

Avoid going over the Christmas period as prices will rocket upwards, but before and after December flights are usually a lump cheaper. Hotels will also be available at lower prices and often this is the best time to pick up a great value package deal. Rather than pay premium prices for a summer break this is a much better time to get a bargain.

Discover Winter Beauty

xmas market

Some countries are transformed in the winter months, with plenty of Europe boasting fantastic Christmas markets and wintery scenes from November through February. Skiing trips are great ways of discovering magnificent snow covered mountains but can be costly. Instead, exploring cities and towns can prove just as exciting as the snow and darkness creates a different aura. You’ll need to wrap up though and e-outdoor.co.uk has loads of winter gear.

Experience a Different Christmas

If you do go around Christmas time it provides a great chance to have a different Christmas experience. From food to celebrations, every country has its own special traditions and experiencing something different will give you more than just memories to take home. Nothing beats eating cooked goose and local sausages in Germany for example.

Avoid the Crowds

quiet beach

The main reason travelling over winter is cheaper is because less people do it. Another advantage is that many locations are less busy, especially with most children in school, which means less queuing for attractions, calmer restaurants and a far more pleasant experience. Deserted beaches, quiet art galleries and less hustle and bustle make for a relaxing break wherever you choose to go.