5 Sensational Places To Get Lost in the Wilderness


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Life isn’t always about knowing exactly where you are, and where your path should take you.

Sometimes you need a sense of freedom and adventure — that feeling that anything could happen. What better place to break free from the shackles of modern life than trekking through the glorious wilderness of the world’s most incredible natural locations?

Of course, we aren’t talking about actually getting lost here. We don’t want you veering from trail paths and never being seen again.

We mean lost in a very metaphorical way. A way that takes you out of routine, out of your comfort zone and puts you in a place to discover more of the world, and yourself.

If you are feeling an urge to experience a wilderness getaway, we know five sensational places to do just that.

The Kingdom of Swaziland

You’ve probably heard of the beautiful nation of Swaziland before, but I can all but guarantee you’ve never visited.

Perched on the edge of South Africa, this African nation doesn’t have the notoriety of its neighbour, but it wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t worth visiting. There are few ways better to lose yourself on a wilderness getaway than walking in Swaziland.

The wilds of Swaziland are unlike any other. They offer a taste of traditional Africa — the plains, the exotic wildlife, the forests and jungles — all packed into one of the smallest countries on the continent.

The wilderness of Swaziland isn’t just inhabited by wildlife, though. Rural communities are spread across the foothills and plains of Swaziland. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture — not as a holidaymaker, but as an explorer.

So why lose yourself on a Swaziland wilderness getaway?

Picture the scene. You wander next to exotic African beasts by day, sleep in the warm air under the stars by night — all without a scrap of technology in sight. Some days you mix with locals, absorbing their diverse culture, and others you clamber through jungle paths and traverse the mightiest of mountains.

This is nature at its finest.

The Spanish Alpujarras

There is nowhere quite like the Alpujarras. A slice of rustic Spanish heaven, the Alpujarra foothills are found in the region of Andalucia, just outside Granada.

Here, in this isolated area of the Spanish hills, life in the wilderness is what days are all about.

You’ll find a mix of ecosystems in the Alpujarras. To the north sit the dark and ominous Sierra Nevada mountains, an incredible place to explore and discover in their own right. South of the mountains you’ll find dry mediterranean terrain, home to Iberian goats, soaring birds of prey and stunning vistas. As you delve deeper into the Alpujarras, you’ll find rolling green hillsides coated in wildflowers and dense woodlands.

It is this mixture of ecology that makes the Alpujarras perfect for an escape. Venture out and explore Andalucia or take a guided Spanish walking trip beneath the peaks of the country’s highest mountains.

The Alpujarras also have one more ace up their sleeves. Hidden beneath the hillsides, in the heart of this isolated wilderness, you’ll find small pockets of traditional Spanish culture — little villages frozen in time.

Undisturbed by most of the modern world outside of their protective hills, these beautiful villages retain an authentic vibe. It might not be your classic wilderness getaway, but you can definitely still lose yourself on the narrow stone streets of these slow-paced villages.

Icelandic Wilderness

Iceland is one of the last true wildernesses found on this beautiful planet of ours.

Similar in size to countries like Portugal, South Korea and Ireland, all of whom are home to millions of citizens, Iceland has just 300,000 residents — the population of a small UK city.

Iceland is the epitome of wild; a place where nature is the undisputed king.

The landscapes are Iceland aren’t like most you’ll find on this earth. Here, the volcanic land is dominated by ice and rock, home to countless examples of dramatic geographical phenomenon.

Glaciers and the deep cut trenches they’ve left behind.

Jagged cliffs and spiraling mountains.

Sweeping plains and exploding geysers.

Iceland is like an ancient world hidden in the north reaches of Europe. It feels utterly untouched by the modern world, making it the ultimate place to escape it.

The Slovenian Alps

Otherwise known as the Julian Alps, the Alps of Slovenia are absolutely sensational, yet so few people know they exist.

You won’t find culture dug into the corners, you won’t find exotic wildlife or an intertwining of man and nature, but you will find beauty; beauty everywhere you look.

If you ever struggle to define the word ‘unspoilt’, just say the Slovenian Alps.

A place of brilliant colours, life and nature oozes over every inch of the Julian Alps. In particular, the most incredible places can be found in the Triglav National Park. We challenge everyone to visit this destination and not become utterly infatuated with its stunning wilderness.

Switch off from modern life and wrap yourself in a world built by Mother Earth’s hand.

What you choose to do is up to you. You could swim beneath waterfalls or row across glittering lakes. You could hike the tallest mountain and gaze across the jagged peaks below, or simply just wander the woodland paths, observing the pure serenity of nature.

We won’t tell you what to do, but just make sure you don’t miss it!

Scottish Highlands

You don’t have to travel across the globe to find a wilderness getaway worth getting lost on.

Brits are fortunate enough to have one of the world’s greatest landscapes sat right on their doorstep, in the form of the breathtaking Scottish Highlands.

Scotland was voted the most beautiful country in the world by readers of international travel publication Rough Guides, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Scottish Highlands have a unique appearance: darker shades of green woven up rocky hillsides and along the shores of rippling lochs. Mountains here loom higher than anywhere else in Britain, with many peaks sitting above the often turgid and striking skies.

Escapism from the modern world is not hard to find here. The land of the Scottish Highlands remains untouched from man, save for a few small villages, stone refuges, medieval castles and other relics of a bygone era.

Explore and climb the Scottish Munros, delve into deep green valleys, discover the history of the Highlands and row across lakes smooth as glass; even after all that, you’ll have only scratched the surface of what this stunning setting can offer.