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We all know that travel is expensive. But, there are ways to curb those high numbers, if you pay attention to some of your available options. And this is with respect to a number of situations – work travel, for instance, or vacation, or may even heading out on a journey to visit some relatives out there.

But regardless of circumstances, five ways in particular that you can use smart travel tips to save you a bundle include options like working with corporate savings offers, planning as far as ahead as reasonably possible, using location-based resources, ditching your luggage, and working with the idea that packages deals are great for vacations.

Work With Corporate Savings Offers

For corporate travelers, expenses can skyrocket quickly. Changed business plans, the need for speed, or the need to impress a client can also make those dollars signs just start singing and shining at you. But, if you use corporate savings packages, not only will you get the best prices on many different gigs, you’ll also often get preferred treatment with things like choice of seat, types of amenities, and time of travel. Look for companies to help you out with these specifics, and you’ll be happy you made the effort.

Plan Ahead

There’s no denying that one of the best ways to save money on air travel is by planning ahead. You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on plane tickets by knowing at least several weeks in advance where you’re headed to and when. So, to save that cash flow, get your organization in place early, and use that extra money to enjoy yourself at your destination.

Use Location Resources

One interesting way to beat some airline costs is by using location resources. In other words, for whatever reason, you can get discounts or reduced tickets by doing things like buying tickets from a fake location, or even saying that you want a two-way flight when you’re only going one way. Who knows why this works, but if it saves you a buck, use it!

Ditch the Luggage

Excess luggage is almost always unnecessary, and expensive to boot. And ditching luggage doesn’t mean smashing more stuff into one case – it means thinking realistically about what you need at your destination, and leaving all of the other junk behind you.

Package Deals Are Great For Vacations

And a final way to save money on air travel is to use package deals whenever possible. If you know you’re going to need a hotel or a car as well, talk to some type of a travel agent and see what types of options are available to get a condensed fee.