5 Ways to Keep Your Money Safe When Travelling


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Planning thoroughly is always important – especially when going on a vacation. You may be eagerly counting down to leave, and you definitely deserve a few days of fun after working all year. However, taking precautions with your money is something you should never overlook. Pickpockets are a real problem, especially for tourists. When you’re on holiday, your money is your lifeline, so it’s essential to keep it close and away from potential risks.

Here are some easy ways to keep your money safe when travelling.

  1. Use a Prepaid Card Instead of Credit and Cash

There are two big issues with using a credit card on vacation. Firstly, credit card users often fall to the temptation of overspending. It’s so easy when there’s no fixed limit. Secondly, if someone steals your card, it can lead to credit card fraud very easily. Using a prepaid card mitigates these issues. You can adhere to your set budget, as the prepaid nature of the card won’t let you overspend. Cash isn’t a good choice either. If you drop your wallet or someone manages to pickpocket you, all your vacation funds are lost.

  1. Use the Multi-Stash Method

If you need to use cash during your trip, try not to carry it all in your wallet. Splitting your cash up is a great way to reduce the impact of theft, if it does occur. You can hide various amounts of cash in different places. Some can be in your wallet, and the rest in a shoe, sock, or suitcase. If your hotel room offers a safe, keep your money inside. When you go sightseeing you may need to bring quite a lot of cash, but you can ask a travelling buddy to keep some of your money for you.

The bank is the safest spot for your holiday money. There will probably be ATMs near your hotel or resort, and you can draw when you need it rather than having it all with you at once. But remember that theft can also happen in your hotel, so don’t leave your bank cards or cash lying in obvious places. Hotel workers will be able to access your room, and other guests could also gain access if the door is accidentally left unlocked.

  1. Avoid Secluded ATMs

Prepaid cards can be used at almost all ATMs that accepts Visa, despite the convenience, it is important to always remember – ATMs that aren’t easily visible are the perfect spots for would-be thieves to strike. There should be places to draw cash inside your hotel, and plenty of busy locations for you to access an ATM. If there are drive-up ATMs, these are preferred, but remember to keep your doors locked and go with a friend – you’ll be less vulnerable. Try not to have to draw money at night or in the early hours of morning, and plan ahead to draw enough to last you until the next day.

  1. Preload Prepaid Card and Keep Cash Out of Sight

Don’t bring out large sums of cash in front of other people. It’s okay to have a great time on vacation, but you don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention. Stay aware of your surroundings, whether you’re at a restaurant, on an excursion, or out shopping.

  1. Use a Money Belt

Aside from storing money on to prepaid cards, another safe method to protect your holiday funds is via using a money belt. The safest place for funds is on your person – whether you’re carrying cash or cards. A money belt keeps funds close. They have a fabric zipped pouch, which fits comfortably across your stomach or waist. Put the belt on before you get dressed, and then conceal it by wearing your clothes over the belt. It’s also a great place to keep your passport or driver’s license zipped up and away from pickpockets.

Final Word

Thieves will always be on the lookout for situations that give them an opportunity to steal. Tourists are a prime target, as criminals will wait for them to let their guard down to strike. But as long as you handle your money safely, your risk of theft can be drastically reduced.

Use a prepaid card instead of credit, carry as little cash as possible, and check up on your bank balance to have a safe and fun holiday.

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