The African Plains of Tanzania Have the Best Safari Experiences


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Is there anything better than going on safari? Well up until around a year ago, I had no idea how a safari works or what it even entails. Now I am in love with Africa and love to see the big game animals in their natural habitat. Recently I decided to take a trip to Tanzania to see what safari experience was going to be like as I had heard nothing but good things about the area! Well this is my short little piece telling you all about my experience of a Tanzania safari.

One of the main reasons I go on safari was to see the well-known safari animals that you can only see in a zoo back in the United Kingdom. Well, we saw plenty of amazing animals that is for sure, from big cats to nocturnals.

Lion-cubsI went on an 8-day safari. The first two days were centred on Lake Manyara and the last 2 days were based in the wild and world famous Serengeti. Both were simply stunning. The views and picturesque sunsets really were something amongst this classic backdrop, the animals on display on their natural habitat was still an extraordinary experience for me, just breath taking. It is always very spiritual to me to see the animals out in the wild and not fenced-in and surrounded by tourists at a zoo. It really brings it home that that is a very unnatural thing – no matter how well they are looked after, they just don’t have any space to move.

Let’s talk about the animals we saw. Firstly, I saw a lion and her cubs walking nonchalantly across the plain. I could not believe how big they are in real life. They move elegantly but you know there this also a hint of aggression in them if they feel threatened; such an impressive animal. I also saw a group of baboons just strolling along doing their thing! My favourite 4.1.1moment was seeing African elephants they are so large in real life. Yet they are majestic animals and I am totally in love with them. We also saw two rhinos just strolling along the way. It was actually quite relaxing watching all these animals just living their lives in their natural habitats. It is good to see that the tourism industry is not harming them or their homes, whilst having a positive effect on the people living in the area.

Overall, I recommend going to Tanzania. This was one of the best safaris for sheer numbers of wild animals that I’ve ever been on and one that I will remember for a very long time.



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