BALA IS BEAUTIFUL (In spite of the Rain!)     


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Returning to Bala is like returning home. The first time we explored the place, Steve and I made a promise to go back. A five-day getaway is not really enough to discover everything about the majestic place. We had some romantic dinners, did some hiking, cycling and canoeing, but still there are other things and places to discover in this southern Snowdania town.

So, we packed our bags again and returned to Bala to experience more!

The first thing we decided to do is to try other water sports. The National Whitewater Centre at Canolfan Tryweryn and the Glan-llyn had other water activities to offer aside from canoeing. We started with kayaking then did some sailing and water rafting. We had such a great time we did everything twice!


Aside from the water sports, we also tried their quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, high ropes and pony trekking. We were dead tired after all the outdoor activities, but the fun just started!

One thing we also promised to do the second time around in Bala is Zorbing! Huh? What!? Let me put it this way, what is sweeter than staying inside a sphere with your partner and bounce all over the place?! All you have to do is hold on and hope that when you stop you are still in Bala! Here is a tip: Overeating is the last thing you want to do before zorbing! (Trust me!)

And what did we do when the weather was bad?

“It’s raining, time to pack up and go!”

Rain showers can disappoint many tourists, but that is not our style. Good weather or not, Bala is a great place to visit.

After all the outdoor activities and because it started to rain, Steve and I decided to explore Llyn Tegid via train. The Bala Lake Railway journey was so relaxing and the scenery was breathtaking! Steve and I enjoyed the view while clicking our cameras.

That same day we also visited a place called The Glassblobbery.  Glass sculpture is their specialty and they are all handmade! Glass dragons, flowers, cats and a lot more! The free demonstrations were also captivating! Fortunately, they were also selling the items so we got a box full to give to our family and friends. David and Wendy Pryce-Jones are the proud owners of this unique shop.

And before the rainy day was over, Steve and I decided to check out the Tan Yr Hall Gallery. Scanning the works of Welsh artists like David Pollock, Huw Jones, Geoff Beckett, Julia Harris and a lot more was a great treat!


The rain didn’t stop us from having a superb time in the evening too. After a romantic dinner and some chit-chat about our adventures that day, we decided to have some “me-time”. My sweet Steve tried his luck on online games particularly online slots and luckily he won!

Me? Well, it’s a date night with McSteamy and McDreamy! I got my tissue box, chocolate ice-cream pint and downloaded Grey Anatomy’s series 11. Sorry Steve, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

Steve and I plan to stay a little longer in this beautiful town. Rain or shine, we will enjoy the place and each other’s company.  Being mesmerized with an enchanting view of the mountains and Wales’ largest natural lake, Llyn Tegid, there is only one thing left to do … take it all in and enjoy!