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Holidaying abroad can be an expensive business, although it’s possible to visit some superb destinations on a limited budget if you do your research before travelling.

Many of the more well-known places have become prohibitively priced, but think outside of the box and you’ll be rewarded with some excellent trips.

Read on for our best budget travel destinations for 2018.


Colombia gives you access to the Amazon rainforest, the start of the Andes and both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, making it the ideal destination for an action-packed holiday.

With exchange rates between the Colombian peso and European currencies now favourable it is around 25% cheaper to travel there than just a few years ago.

Superb culture, wonderful history and excellent cuisine make Colombia one of the most interesting places in the world if you’re travelling on a budget.


Ireland has a reputation for being an expensive place to visit, but it’s possible to travel there without breaking the bank.

There are plenty of websites offering cheap flights to the Emerald Isle, while numerous hostels offer accommodation for around £20 per night.

The likes of Cork and Galway are beautiful places to visit, or you could head to Dublin for some casino fun for the chance to boost your budget during your stay.


Mexico’s superb mix of old and new makes this one of the most varied holiday experiences in the world.

Fantastic beaches give sun-seekers the opportunity to top up their tans, while there’s plenty of culture around for the more inquisitive traveller.

Beach towns like Puerto Escondido and Mazatlan offer great value for money, with some hotels providing basic rooms for just £15 per night.


Nicaragua is Central America’s largest country, but its tourism industry is yet to fully get off the ground.

Volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, sensational beaches and pristine forests offer a stunning backdrop to a holiday that is certain to impress.

The clear waters of the Corn Islands are superb for snorkelling, while surfers will love the big barrels of Rivas.

All the best beaches in Nicaragua are free of development, so you can enjoy them just as nature intended.


Some resorts in Thailand have become vastly overpriced, but head away from the main tourist areas and there’s plenty of value to be had.

Tonsai Beach is Thailand’s finest rock-climbing location, while the Chiang Mai region in Northern Thailand contains the rice fields and numerous Buddhist temples.

Accommodation in a hotel with a swimming pool costs around £25 per night, while backpackers can stay in a dormitory bed for as little as £5.