Best Campsites Near London

By :- Louise Jackson, On November 15, 2018 in ::-England

If you live in a bustling city like London, getting away to go camping can be a great way to enjoy nature, especially with your family. And whether you’re the sort who enjoy driving for hours to find a remote camping area or you’d prefer to stay close to home, when there are plenty of great campsites across the UK. Once you’re tucked away in nature, though, you won’t be able to tell whether home is down the road or halfway across the world.

The Nearby Lee Valley

The beautiful campsite at Lee Valley is just far enough from London that you can enjoy time walking or cycling in the Epping Forest or stroll over to the River Lee Country Park. But for those uncertain about the camping experience, there’s still bus service to the campsite that will take you to Walthamstow Central Underground Station, allowing you to easily get back to London. This make Lee Valley an ideal first camping location for new campers.

Lee Valley also features caravan camping if you own a mobile camper. There are 50 pitches with electrical hookups, both grass sites and hard sites. Caravan camping is a great way to explore in comfort and is ideal for families with small children.

Far Out Camping

If you’re willing to pop across the Irish Sea, truly isolated camping can be found in Crom in County Fermanagh, Ireland. The 2000 acre campsite is the perfect base for an Irish adventure, allowing you follow coastal trails, explore old castles, and much more. Just be sure that you’ve packed everything you need. While the shop at the campsite will sell you forgotten toiletries and the like, you don’t want to head out for the day without a survival pack including a flashlight, matches, and first aid kit. You don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Guide To Glamping

Some people aren’t inclined to camp by nature, but with the advent of glamping – camping with plenty of luxury touches – you may be able to lure these folks into the woods. At Hollington Park, for example, there are two camping pods that include a proper double bed (goodbye sleeping bags on the ground!), garden furniture, and a patio. It’s almost like being at home, and you can improve that experience by stocking up on the latest camping gadgets. Items like self-inflating space blankets, a portable TV or DVD player, and a mini coffee pot can all make the camping experience more comfortable.

The amazing thing about modern camping is that there are solutions for everyone. Whether you want to head into the woods and off the grid, or you’d prefer to be within cell service range, you can find a camping site that will accommodate those needs. With this in mind, next time you book a vacation, consider camping over staying in a hotel and explore your destination in a different way.