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In the UK, autumn and Christmas tend to mean a sad farewell to the sunshine for up to half a year, so there’s a general desire to take full advantage of neighbouring (or far flung) countries to get a healthy dose of sunshine.

If this is your plan for the cold months ahead, where exactly could you zap off to in order to enjoy some of the delights of the world? Well there are hundreds of choices. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a summery holiday as a wintery excursion can be just as fulfilling, so in this guide I’ll highlight some of the very best places to travel to as we wait for spring to return with its sunshine.


This island to the west of central Italy is a spectacular, natural delight. It has over 1,300 miles of coastline which offers, quite literally, hundreds of opportunities to find an isolated beach or cove to relax in.

However, there are also plenty of hiking regions on the central mountainous sections in the middle of the island. Along with hundreds of other excavation sites for ancient Roman activity, and Sardinia offers a beautiful and educational experience.

For further information, you can visit this guide to the island from Lonely Planet for more information about charming holiday opportunities in the region.


Norway isn’t always high on many peoples’ preferred holiday destinations, but it really should be. It’s one hugely impressive country with some of the most spectacular modern sights you can find on the planet, never mind Europe.

Whether it’s the Northern Lights, low-season fishing, skiing, or the surprisingly active night lives in many of the country’s cities, you’ll be in amongst the wintery conditions but enjoying a relaxing holiday in a friendly and beautiful country. Wat to find out more? Here’s another brilliant Lonely Planet guide!

Road trip it!

If you want, of course, you don’t have to go far afield. A road trip is a brilliant opportunity to explore the UK in the comfort of your vehicle. I can only recommend you put safety first and ensure you’re decked out with a new set of compounds, such as Pirelli tyres. These will keep you safe and sound as you traverse the cooler climates.

Great places to visit include Wales, the Peak District, the Lake District, and bonny Scotland. Indeed, the further North you head the more chance you’ll have of encountering beautiful snow covered scenery. Simply book ahead, secure a fabulous hotel, and you’ll be all set!


Alternatively, you could head out to the East to enjoy a trip around China. You could head to a location such as Beijing, an enormous city which is nearby to many of the country’s most legendary landmarks (the Forbidden City and the Great Wall being only two).

China does get rather cold at this time of year, surprisingly, compared to the sweltering heat and humidity of its summer season. You can visit this rough guide to China for the key areas to visit.

My recommendation is you sign up to a tourism tour, as otherwise you may be befuddled by the language barrier. With a tour, you’ll be able to visit all of the key hotspots whilst being free from any stresses of getting around such an enormous country. It’d be the cultural trip of a lifetime!


Japan is another beautiful country to visit at any time of year. Steeped in ancient history, but completely in tune with modern sensibilities, Nippon (“Japan” is an exonym) is a vibrant and endlessly entertaining country which balances the old with the new.

You could head to Tokyo and the heart of technology in the East, or many of the more traditional and idyllic locations which offer great food (especially if you love sushi), amazing sights, and fantastic culture.

This Japanese guide will provide you with all the insights you need to make your trip a success!