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Smartphones have become handy tools in our everyday life, and more so in travel. They are small albeit essential devices and in the modern world, leaving your smartphone behind during travel is unimaginable. They assist us to keep in touch with our family and friends, document our adventures, work remotely, make purchases or payments, navigate new places using online maps, and they can even be used to locate and call taxis.

The type of smartphones we use, whether it is Android or iPhone can determine whether our travelling experience will be better or just normal. The experience is dependent on various features and applications supported by these devices. Here are a few considerations that could be helpful in determining which gadgets, iPhone or Android is of more help during your casual or business travelling escapades.


Taking pictures and videos is the highlight of any travelling experience. We take these memories with us back home, or we share them with our friends and loved ones during the time we are away. The features of a smartphone camera such as resolution, ability to save files in various formats, shooting technologies and filtering options are some of the criteria considerations used in determining the best pocket shooter.

Both smartphones have superior abilities, but the iPhone camera gets the triumphs over Android.

Taking pictures using an iPhone enhances the natural appearance of an object. It also preserves image and background details. Although the images may appear darker, you can easily edit them to your desired level. iPhone cameras also have better image contrasting features especially useful when taking a picture with the sun in the background. Great exposure and perfect colour pictures are what make the iPhone tick.


Smart phones have many uses besides being tools of communication. With the advent of technology, phones are now able to perform payment functions of credit cards. The latest technology in both Android and iPhone platforms is the NFC which stands for Near Field Communication. It is a simple wireless technique that you can use to link up with other devices in proximity. NFC is used in both Android Pay and Apple Pay which are mobile wallets for Android and iPhone respectively.

While Apple Pay is supported by the most recent versions of Apple gadgets starting with iPhone 6 onwards, Android Pay runs on all android devices configured on Android 4.4 KitKat to newer versions. Its compatibility gives it an edge over Apple Pay; hence the android phone wins here. Android Pay is also supported by a greater number of merchants; therefore, you can use your Android device to make more payments.


Entertainment is a huge part of our everyday life, and we all want to listen to our favourite music, watch movies or download entertaining content from the internet while travelling. Both Android and iPhone devices can cater to this need, but android comes with fewer restrictions. Using an Android powered phone, for example, you can download your favourite program directly from the internet and save it on your phone or microSD card to watch offline.

For iPhone users, this is restricted to live streaming or downloading using a PC then transferring the files to your phone. It is also easier to download music, videos, books and other media using Android devices since the sources are limitless unlike with iPhone. Media sharing options are also more while using android phones. The NFC technology, for example, is used to share media across Android devices but in iPhone, it is restricted to Apple Pay.


Navigating new destinations can be quite a challenge, but this has been made easier with mapping services. Google Maps is unarguably the best app when it comes to directions, and it is the default app on android phones. In iPhone, the equivalent is Apple Maps, which pales in comparison to Google Maps. Apple Maps lack detailed mapping of streets and neighbourhoods and using the feature could easily set you off in the wrong direction.

For precise transit directions of a vast number of cities and towns, Google Maps on Android phones is very helpful. You will also get better directions while driving you can use the application to locate addresses with ease. Google Maps is available for installation on iPhone devices, but the phone does not support the utilisation of the app by default.