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Travelling is a great way of breaking the home or office boredom. However, you need to stay in touch with your siblings even when you are miles away. While doing this, you don’t have to incur extra charges or higher rates than what you are used to. This is the reason why, changes were introduced in the law prohibiting any extra charges on calls, texts, and data while roaming in the EU. This is regardless of the network you may be using.

Sometimes you will be travelling outside the EU region, and you will want to continue enjoying the same services. This is the reason why some networks offer comprehensive roaming services in countries outside the EU region. Below are some of the great SIM only deals that will ensure you stay connected to your family even when you are planning for a holiday outside the EU region.


Vodafone roam free allows you to use your regular monthly allowance of text messages, calls, and data in over 50 other European countries free of charge. With an extra £5, the Roam further package allows you to access your monthly allowance in other 60 countries. The countries covered include Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, and Germany among others. The countries covered under the roam further package include Brazil, Costa Rica, China, and Israel among others.

Vodafone allows you to access 4G while roaming in more than 100 destinations. The more overwhelming advantage of Vodafone is that it doesn’t impose any data caps on roaming. This means that you will be free to use your full monthly allowance while you are in any other countries covered.


All EE customers on the pay monthly and pay as you go plans get an inclusive roaming package to over 45 European destinations as part of their mobile, mobile broadband or even tablet allowance. Some of the countries covered include Canada, Mexico, and the USA.

The new 4GEE Max plan introduced by EE allows existing and new customers to use their monthly allowances across 53 European destinations. The various plan by EE covers over 80% of the time the customers spend outside the UK and plans are underway to include more destinations outside the EU.

Sky Mobile 

Currently, Sky mobile is allowing all its mobile customers to use their mobile data, text messages and calls in 36 European destinations at no extra cost at all. The plan includes customers with unlimited calls and texts. All the calls made to landlines, and mobile devices and all the text messages sent within the EU region are also included in the plan.

The benefits of Sky mobile roaming package doesn’t end there. If you have an accumulation of unused data in your Sky Piggy Bank, you can use the data for activities as long as you are within the EU region. If you are on the pay as you use plan, the provider will allow you to pay the same rate as you do while in the UK.

The good news is that Sky mobile doesn’t impose any fair usage policy for EU roaming and you can go ahead and use your monthly minutes, text messages and data in any of the European Union countries. This will not cost you any more than it would in the UK.

3 Mobile 

The Feel at Home package from 3 mobile lets you use your UK allowance of calls, data, and texts at no extra charge in over 60 locations. The areas cover the EU region and beyond including the USA and New Zealand. However, the “Feel at home” package is strictly reserved for customers on advanced plans.