Best Singapore National Parks for Getting up Close to Nature

By :- Louise Jackson, On September 2, 2019 in ::-Luxury

Many people think of Singapore as a city with big shopping malls, tall buildings, and a busy city centre. However, Singapore is much more than that. This is evident with the fact that Singapore is one of Asia’s most famous travel destinations.

Every moment of your tour in Singapore will be lively. From its theme parks to famous restaurants and street shopping extravaganza, you will for sure have a memorable time here. Singapore is also well-known for its fast-track development. The city-state has a vision of becoming Asia’s technological hub, but perhaps even a better dream is becoming a garden city.

You can tour the various national parks in Singapore and get to see the incredible plants and animals found there. There are over 300 parks in Singapore and four nature reserves. Below we have sampled the best national parks in Singapore that can give you a breath of fresh air.

Gardens by the Bay

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. It is a favourite for the locals and foreign tourists. You can hardly miss a picture of the SuperTree grove found in the Gardens by the Bay if you happen to search online for pictures of Singapore. On top of that, there is a link bridge that connects the Marina Bay Sands Hotel to the Gardens by the Bay Park.

At this park, you get to enjoy yourself to the fullest. You can take pictures of the surrounding areas of the park including the Dragonfly Lake, Dragonfly Bridge, Heritage Garden, Gold Garden, and Silver Garden. When you are hungry, you can just cross over to Satay where you can enjoy all types of local meals.

If you happen to visit Singapore, then this is a must-visit place. As you plan your visit to the island state, start by applying for a Singapore visa with the help of a reputable visa agent. It is easy to reach them since you can do it online.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

This nature reserve was established in 1883 and it is the biggest nature reserve in Singapore. The reserve covers an area of 163 hectares and is located at the Bukit Timah hill. Here you get an opportunity to interact with pure nature that has not been interfered with by developments in the busy city.

If you want to have a forest experience, then this is your place. This park is marked with trails for both hiking and biking, making it one of the most perfect places for a family outing. Bukit Timah is not only one of the best national reserves in Singapore but also one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

This park was inscribed as Singapore’s first UNESCO world heritage site in 2015, a clear indicator of how incredible it is. As of now, it is the only botanical garden globally on the list. Every day the park is frequented by tourists and nature lovers alike.

In the middle of the park, there is a bandstand where couples usually take their pre-wedding photos. There are at least 47 heritage trees in the park with the Tembusu tree being the most popular one among them.

If you are touring Singapore any time soon, take some time to visit these amazing parks teeming with elegance. For a while now, Singapore has been ranked to be among the top countries for attracting tourists. With incredible attraction sites like these, Singapore will hold the spot for a long time.