Best Travel Shoes for a 2015 Summer Break


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I know that when I’m packing for a summer holiday, I want to bring a suitable pair of shoes for any occasion. But when you’ve got a limited amount of space to bring shoes with you, you have to think smart and get the most use out of whatever you take. That’s why I’ve created this guide, backed up by plenty of trial and error, of the perfect shoes to bring for your travels this summer.



While they might not cut it for mountain hikes, virtually any other kind of walking on holiday will be aided by a pair of good trainers. Not only will they be handy for the actual travelling part, but you could probably take an extra pair if they’re lightweight enough.


If you’re exploring the streets of Paris or Prague you’ll do just fine with a pair of TOMs, so long as you go with a colour that should suit most of your day-to-day clothes. Converse can also be a good choice but I’ve found that if you’re prone to blisters, they are much improved with a decent pair of insoles.


You don’t have to go too expensive with casual trainers – just make sure they actually are comfortable before you head out!


Ballet Flats

For a warm evening’s stroll in the summer, you can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of ballet flats. They’ll fit in your bag easily and unless you opt for a super cheap pair they should be relatively comfortable for casual walks. They’re also a cute alternative to wearing heels, and go with dresses and skirts just as well as trousers and shorts. If you ae interested you can see some great styles and history of the Ballet Flat from my fellow blogger friend at


Flip Flops


A handy backup pair of shoes that becomes essential whenever a pool, hot tub or beach shows up. They’re best utilised in hot locations but I wouldn’t advise that you try and walk around in them for too long. Another obvious bonus is that they’re super light and take up virtually no space in your luggage.


As they’re only going to be used at specific times, you don’t have to worry about them matching too much, as I can’t imagine anyone is going to judge you for not matching your flip flops to your bikini! See some great FipFlop history here.




You won’t always need to take heels with you, and I’d recommend leaving them unless you have a specific event you need them for, like a wedding or a fancy dinner. DO NOT take your favourite pair of Louboutin’s with you, or you could be devastated when they break on a cobbled road or get lost with your luggage. If you do bring some dressy shoes, you ought to know what you’ll be wearing with them ahead of time, so it should be easy to match.



And, for some final words of wisdom: break them in! There’s nothing worse than buying a gorgeous, practical new pair of shoes only to have to suffer through break-in blisters while you should be enjoying your holiday. This is so much more important than spending lots of money – finding a comfy pair and getting them fully prepared for a work-out.


Hopefully that will help you to narrow down your options, and prevent you from wasting precious suitcase space!