Doing Your Bit to Help Avoid Flight Delays


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You see in the aviation industry flight delays seem to have become a standard part of proceedings, but if the airport staff along with the airlines weren’t working as hard as they do behind the scenes, there’d be a lot more delays and even cancellations which could otherwise have been avoided. In fact, bar for so called “Acts of God” or natural phenomena like the weather, the biggest contributors to flight delays are the airline passengers. Not necessarily because of showing up late for boarding – I mean boarding gates do close at a certain time – but rather by their little actions during the checking in and boarding process, some of which actions they do habitually, unawares.

You can have a guy who has flown a hundred times in their life and yet they still forget basic airline rules such as the fact that the specific airline they’ll be flying with doesn’t allow them to go through the customs checkpoint with some water in hand, yet they still carry some which is to inevitably be disposed of after a brief explanation from the security officer. These little delays add up and this is what ultimately causes flight delays because once you’ve made it past customs the airline will pretty much wait for you to arrive at the boarding gate, sometimes after having to communicate with the announcer to call you out and hurry you along to the boarding gate.

Then you get passengers who want to take a chance and perhaps sneak some prohibited items on board, or board with more hand-luggage than is allowed. These are the little delays which ultimately add up to the entire flight being delayed and if you’re perhaps connecting another flight or if you’re scheduled for an important business meeting at your destination, you might be rather annoyed to know that the delay is likely caused by other passengers and perhaps even by yourself as well.

Airlines and airports have rules and regulations in place which ultimately go back to legal and safety matters — rules and regulations they have to enforce in order to keep all involved with the process of those passengers enjoying a safe flight and operational within the confines of the various laws governing the process. So in order to do your bit to help avoid flight delays, simply make sure you adhere to the rules, regulations, restrictions and even recommendations set forth. Trying to sneak that 200ml bottle of shampoo is going to result in one outcome and one outcome only, which inevitably adds to the delays which will build up to the whole flight being delayed, so just don’t do it. Stick to the rules.