Business Traveling: How to Manage When You Don’t Know the Language


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As a business person, there may be several situations while travelling to unfamiliar countries where instructions are given in a foreign language. Secondly, you may have to communicate with your supplier or marketer and are unaware of how to interact with them in a cordial manner. This could affect your business proposition and even spoil your trip. Below are some guidelines which can be beneficial in terms of communicating when you don’t know the language while travelling.

Do Your Homework about the Country You Plan to Visit

Whether you are travelling for the purpose of leisure or business, it is always best to be thoroughly prepared for what to expect in order to avoid any unexpected surprises. If this is your first visit, then you should do your homework about the cultural norms and keep abreast of the news related to your destination. One should also know a little about the language and medium of instruction and try to become familiar with it.


Learn a Few Words of the Local Language

It is always helpful to know a few words of the local language before reaching the destination. You can take help from books or guides that are available online. If you can meet people who have visited the same country or region, then they can give you a heads up of how to communicate. Words such has hello, goodbye, please and thank you would increase camaraderie with the business personnel you expect to meet. It will give a sense of familiarity in spite of being a foreign national.

Communicate With Your Point of Contact

When going on a business travel trip, it is always vital to be in touch with your point of contact. This way, if you get stuck in an unfamiliar situation, the individual can guide you and help you reach the destination or solve your problem. In addition, the person will know your language and be able to interpret your idea. He/she should be someone trustworthy so that communication is carried out in a proper manner.


Utilize Your Technological Devices

Life without smartphones and tablets seem unrealistic. You can make use of these gadgets for navigation, organization of time and data, transactions and communication. There are various language apps which can be utilized while using your smartphone. Another option is to consider UK Voice over which provides a variety of voice artists that can provide their voice-over services if the need is required.

Document All Business Transactions

When you have to use an interpreter to communicate your proposition, it is important to ensure that all financial transactions are put on paper. Moreover, if you are discussing an advertising strategy, then you can enhance it by using quality voice-over to deliver your product. Marketing firms tend to put banner ads and have exciting announcements in the language of the domain country.

In these times, there are many opportunities to explore when you travel and not knowing the language does not necessarily become an impediment. In fact, technology has enabled you to face the next big challenge that comes your way.