Car Tyres Safety Checklist – Planning a Road Trip


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Journeys in the car that are a bit longer than a run to the shops or the usual commute to work need a bit more preparation. You might want to fill the tank, check the oil level or top up on screen wash as well as planning the best route. However, when preparing a road trip you should never forget to pay attention to your car’s tyres. All successful road trips work well because of the planning that has gone into them, so stay safe the next time you undertake one and remember this car tyre safety check list.


All car tyres need to be correctly inflated in order to work to their best ability, according to the AA. On a road trip, which might be over an extended period, this can save you money. Properly inflated tyres, which are set at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure, will cause much less rolling resistance than either over or under-inflated ones, meaning that your engine has to work less hard which, in turn, saves fuel. Remember to adjust the pressure if the boot is full of heavy items or if you are towing a caravan or a trailer.

car boot


Check The Spare

Although not a legal requirement to have a full spare tyre, on a road trip they can prove invaluable if you suffer a blow out. This will mean that you are able to get to a garage under your own steam without having to rely on a recovery vehicle – something that is well worth it if you are miles from home.

Inspect The Tread

According to Point-S, the tread of a car’s tyres wears differently depending on whether it is front-wheel drive or powered by the rear wheels. Either way, take time to check each tyre for bald areas where there is insufficient tread and replace any that will not last the length of the road trip. Tread depth must be at least 1.6mm. Remember that bulges in tyres are also signs of wear and that you cannot see whole of the tyre during an inspection without moving the car back and forth.

car tread

Winter Advice

Most road trips are made in summer, but if you plan to drive in winter or through snowy areas, then consider snow chains to go over your tyres or fitting winter tyres. These tyres use a different rubber compound to normal ones, making them better at performing in snow and ice. Consider switching to winter tyres in adverse weather conditions to make sure your road trip goes well.

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