Cruises: Not Just for the Old and Retired!

By :- Louise Jackson, On January 21, 2015 in ::-Uncategorized

Cruises used to be considered something to do when you are retired. Working for forty or fifty years earns you the right to travel the world in luxury and comfort. Should you really wait until you retire to enjoy all that a cruise has to offer? We don’t think so, and neither do the tour operators.

A new generation of traveller

A new generation of traveller

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Many cruise ships now have facilities geared solely towards travellers in their 20’s and 30’s, much in the way land based resorts such as Ibiza and Ayia Napa have. A modern cruise is no longer just sitting on the deck enjoying the sunshine and appreciating the evening’s jazz or opera entertainment; today’s cruise ships are more like a floating holiday resort, with swimming pools and slides, sports activities and spa services all onboard. Coupled with the all-inclusive facilities, a cruise offers the perfect balance of activity and relaxation for each individual on board. A group of university students would normally shun such a holiday, but the world has changed and cruising with it!

With the facilities for younger people on board cruise ships it is no wonder that an increasing number of younger people are indulging in the experience that only a cruise can bring. The experience of a cruise far exceeds the bounds of the ship itself- you never feel trapped on a cruise ship as it is has more than enough to keep you entertained. With choices of destinations which include those ‘off the beaten track’, the cultural experiences to be found during a cruise are vast and varying. From the fast pace of America, historical splendour of Rome to the opulent luxury of Monaco, there is something for everyone when it comes to a cruise. You are still in control of what you do in the major cities you visit, then everyone just meets back up at the ship.

The right one for you and your group

One of the big problems with a cruise is finding the right one for you. Deciding where you want to embark the ship, where you want to visit and where to disembark can prove to be somewhat of a mine field. While a traditional brochure still has its place, many people now turn to the internet to find the best deals and the ideal itinerary.


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There seems to be a comparison website for almost everything at the moment, but when it comes to a cruise simply comparing prices doesn’t quite go far enough. To find the best cruise for you, you need to also compare the destination and itinerary of your cruise. A great way of doing this is the new Cruise Plotter tool from Deal Checker.

An ideal cruise finding website allows you to select the destination of the cruise first, then discover the options available. This may take some time as the destinations could be limited by your chosen departure point and you might find you will need to compromise on your preferences. If this is the case, you will not be disappointed by your experience on board the ship. Any holiday has its limitations but a cruise often offers more experiences than any other package holiday available. With every possible need taken care of while you are on board, a cruise is truly a luxurious way to enjoy your time away from the everyday realities of life on dry land.