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I know people who hate the airport, but I can’t understand why. For me, the airport is just as part of my holiday as the actual destination, and although granted, it’s not quite as fun as basking in seemingly endless sunshine on a beautiful beach, it does have the excitement factor, because you know that you’ve left your house, you’ve said goodbye to work for a week or two, and you’re free to enjoy yourself, and roam around Duty Free to your heart’s content!

For me, the airport is exciting because it means I’m going on holiday!


Now, getting to the airport can be a cause of stress for many people, especially if you have to endure long-winded coach journeys or packed out trains. I used to do the train journey thing, and I was often frazzled by the time I got to the check-in desk – this was obviously in the days before I started to enjoy the airport experience quite so much. I got a little fed up of being tired and ratty (according to my husband!) whilst I waited to board my flight, so I looked at how I could make getting to the airport easier on my tiredness and stress levels. I began driving myself and booking a parking spot at the airport – everything changed from that moment on.

I recently booked my parking spot through ParkBCP immediately after I booked my flight, which was great, and something I’ll definitely do again. I know that I will be much calmer when I arrive at the check-in desk (especially compared to my previous attempts!). I can’t rate this idea highly enough, and I’d recommend you give it a try if you’re able to drive. Not only will you arrive much more calm and collected, giving you an extra hour or so in bed if you have an early flight, but you will probably also find you save money when compared to public transport costs. For our most recent jaunt to the med we had to fly from Gatwick airport, which meant a longer journey for us. So I booked Gatwick North parking via the same company, and again I have to say they were faultless as well as very competitively priced.


Arriving at the airport calm and well-rested gives you a firm foundation to build on for your travel day, and it means you’re more able to enjoy your experience. Once you’re through security, the fun can start, and for me, that would mean heading straight to a restaurant or bar to chill the hell out for a little while! I like to fuel up on some delicious (if perhaps slightly overpriced!) food, have a drink or two, and then have a wander around the treat that is Duty Free, all with a slowly building excitement that my flight is getting nearer, and so is my destination.

If you find you don’t relish the airport experience, try and turn it on its head and figure out why; if you can find a way to change that viewpoint, you might find you start to enjoy it – the airport can be enjoyable if you see the positives, and the major one? You’re going on holiday!