Eight Great Tips for First-Time Skiers


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Whether it’s kitting up or trimming down, they’re the inside secrets that you never learn until you’re on the mountain. To set you up for ski success, here’s eight great tips for your first-time trip.

  1. Chocs away

With all that time spent speeding down snow-covered slopes, it’s likely you’ll work up quite the appetite throughout the course of the day. Small snacks can be costly from the on-slope restaurants, so save a little money and pack a tasty treat to combat your on-piste hunger pangs.

Team Nomad top tip: Put your chockie in your pockie whilst you’re out on the slopes. The cool temperatures will make for a chilled delight – you’ll thank us!


  1. Lay on the layers

With sub-zero temperatures to account for, packing light for a ski holiday can be a pretty tricky task. Save some space in your case and wear your ski jacket onboard.  You might not look the chicest of passengers but at least you’ll be one of the few who haven’t maxed out their baggage allowance.  Goggles and ski-poles optional.


  1. Get insured

While it won’t be as stylish as your new snood or as exciting as an off-piste excursion, ski insurance will certainly be the most useful. In comparison to lazing on a sun-lounger, ski holidays are a lot more action-packed, so naturally, you’re far more likely to face a few slips and slides. From medical expenses to equipment cover, it pays to be protected before hitting the slopes, and any good insurer will provide different activity-specific options.

Team Nomad top tip:  Don’t cut corners with cheap ski insurance. Buying on price alone may leave you on thin ice – find a broker offering quality cover.


  1. Slap on the sun cream

Often slipping the mind of first-time skiers, sun cream is actually just as important on the snowy Alps as it is on the Spanish sands. In fact, it can be even more important – UV rays are more powerful at higher altitudes, so you’re still at risk of sunburn, even on overcast days. A good SPF won’t go amiss, and after all, who wants a ski goggle tan anyway?



  1. Pocket your pass

Lift passes are expensive, so the last thing you want is to discover you’re without it on day 2. Once you’ve got your pass, find a pocket, zip it up and keep it closed ‘til the end of the holiday. This way there’ll be no chance of it slipping out of your pocket while you’re busy sliding down the slopes.

Team Nomad top tip: Lift passes are nearly always magnetic and don’t need to be swiped, so no need to take it out at the turnstiles.


  1. Ski-fit scheming

After a couple of hours out on the slopes, that soft, fluffy snow can really be quite hard on your body. You’ve spent a lot on your ski pass, so you’ll want to try to get as many miles out of it as you can. Give knobbly knees the cold shoulder and create your own ski-fit regime – it’ll really help prepare you for your trip and leave you feeling like king of the hill.



  1. The little things

They say it’s the little things that make all the difference, and when packing for a ski holiday the same applies. Whether its ibuprofen to ease your aches and pains or an extra pair of socks, a little backpack full of goodies will keep you on the slopes and on the go.

Team Nomad top tip: Take the plunge and invest in some top-quality non-ribbed ski socks – they won’t bunch and rub your heels, so your tootsies will be thanking you at end of the week.


  1. Double trouble

Like Ant and Dec you couldn’t possibly take one without the other.  Not only if you lose a pair, they also have their own unique benefits. Sunglasses will be ideal for those clearer days, whereas a set of ski goggles are great when the snow sets in. So even if you’re feeling chilly under all those layers, it’s important not to underestimate the power of the sun. A good set of either will provide great UV protection, cut that glare, and may even save you from the odd snowball or two to the face.

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