Expert Advice on Claiming Compensation from Holiday Injuries


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An accident that happens on holiday is never fun. But when the accident happens abroad, it becomes very complicated to get things straightened. You may be in a place with different rules, different benefits, different languages, and different levels of income. In a place where the rights of both people are very different, it is difficult to figure things out yourselves. This is when it is a good idea to get help from compensation solicitors. We spoke with, holiday compensation experts who offer a 100% compensation claim service about when and how you can claim for injuries sustained travelling or on holiday.

When Can I Claim Compensation?

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If you have received medical care out of the country or injured yourself or someone else, and the reason is due to someone else or a location, a compensation claim is a good idea. Particularly if you are in a country that does not reciprocate UK medical care, you may be eligible to get reimbursed for your physician’s bills abroad. If you have damaged your personal property, like a car, you may also be able to claim compensation for the repair and/or replacement of the vehicle.

What Do I Do First?

According to the solicitors at Claim Today, there are a few simple steps to follow once an accident on holiday has occurred. Whether you are abroad or in the UK, following these simple steps will make your claim easier to process:

1. Record the date and time of the accident, and the details of who is involved. Make certain you have the contact information for all of these people, and any insurance information, if they have any.
2. Record the location of the accident with as much detail as possible.
3. Find witnesses, and get the contact information and details from them, so that they can be called upon later.
4. Take the details of the person or organisation you feel is responsible. This may be a person and their insurance, or it may be a business, if it is a building. If this is an organisation, be certain you have asked them the correct people to contact. It may not be the owner of the company, but an employee or solicitor for them instead.
5. Photographs of the location and injury. Document as much as you can about the damage that has been done to yourself or your personal property.
6. Update your medical records, and allow your physician to speak with your solicitors about injuries that become apparent after the day of the accident.

How Long Can I Wait to Claim?
In the UK, you have three years to claim an injury or accident. If you are outside the UK, however, it may only be a year. If you report ASAP, you run less risk of missing the window to make and be reimbursed for your claim.