Explore the Historical Wonder- Visit to Cambodia


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Since past few decades Asia has been the favourite destination for the western people. South East Asia always gets the maximum numbers of foot falls in the world map. If in this vacation you are planning to visit a place, where you can find yourself in the midst of history along with the charming greenery then Cambodia should be in your travel map this time. Cambodia, the place of mystery, the place for meditation, the place of green and natural wonder, will splash enchanting refreshment. Along with adoring one of the seven wonders, Cambodia welcomes you with incredible landscapes and historical Hindu and Buddhist temples. As it shares the reputation of rich history, it has been able to mark its place in Hollywood scripts.

Listen to the chanting spirits in Angkor Wat

This is one of the seven wonders in the world. Some archaeologists claim that Angkor Wat temples are having greater impressive reflection than the Pyramids and the alluring artistic design can compete with the majestic poetic charm of the Taj Mahal. Angkor Wat Archaeological Park consists of 1000 temples stretching over 400 square kilometres. Though Angkor Wat temple is the main attraction but this park also accommodates ruins of several sculptures of Khmer Empire. If you really an adventurous person, then you should not avoid the rarely visited temples in this stretch.


Angkor Wat temple, the largest temple in the brackets in this park, is a historical masterpiece of depiction. It is the largest architectural wonder in the world. It is said that this temple replicates the presence of cosmic world. Ancient scholars used to believe that there is a mountain, Meru, in the centre of this universe. The central tower symbolises that mythical mountain. The surroundings of the temple bear the roars of the sea.

You must manage to explore this temple during Sunrise to witness the mystical appearance of never told history.

Other must visit Places in Cambodia:

  • Angkor Thom: It is situated in Siem Reap and enriched with various sculptures.
  • Sihanoukville: Stunning beautiful beaches will snatch your mind.
  • Kampot: It is a small river side town and best place to spend leisure time peacefully.
  • Ta Prohm: It is famous for the Hollywood movie Tom Raider


Start Planning for Cambodia

  • Though Cambodia entertains number of foot falls throughout the year but it is not difficult to get accommodation in luxury or budget friendly hotels. There are number of flights flying throughout the week from Europe to airports in Cambodia.
  • It is really very cheaper to travel in Cambodia because the currency rate of Cambodia is much lesser than western countries. One British Pound is equal to 6378.16 One Cambodian Riel and One Euro is equal to 4562.01 Cambodian Riel.
  • You must research over net to know the weather and temperature at the time of visit in Cambodia in order to pack necessary accessories. VoucherBin is the best online place to find voucher codes for your purchase of travel accessories.
  • There are various hotels in Cambodia but you should find the accommodation which can go with your set budget.