Four Amazing Travel Destinations for Vegetarian Foodies


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If you’re a vegetarian, you’ve probably been faced with a lack of choice and selection your whole life when it comes to eating out; it’s one of the most common problems of being a veggie. As the UK becomes more and more health conscious in recent years, vegetarian and vegan dining is becoming a big fashion in the restaurant industry – so these days, there are plenty of places to choose from, especially if you live in a big city. But what about when you’re travelling the world? For foodies who aren’t interested in meat, here are the top 4 travel destinations for the most amazing veggie food experiences.

1. Berlin, Germany

This may be a surprising veggie destination but this cosmopolitan city is one of the best places to dine out if you’re anti-meat. With around 30 pure vegan restaurants in the city, you’ll never be too far away from somewhere with delicious, healthy vegetarian food. But the options don’t stop there because most restaurants also have vegan options available – ideal for mixed groups and tastes.


2. Shanghai, China

Although the vegan trend isn’t huge in China, vegetables in general are a huge part of Chinese cooking. Fewer nations love their vegetables as much as the Chinese and here you will find so many dishes that are naturally meat-free. But in the same vein, the Chinese aren’t so great on the concept of vegetarianism (they just happen to love their veggies) so you need to be careful about what you’re ordering and always double-check it doesn’t contain any non-vegetarian ingredients. Read The Telegraph’s Vegetarian Food Tour in Shanghai for dining tips.

3. New Delhi, India

Unlike China, India embraces the concept of vegetarianism and asking to see a vegetarian menu won’t cause a stir here. New Delhi is one of the best places to find a vegetarian restaurant; spoiled with bold flavours, hot spices and exciting aromas, you will never need to eat a meat curry ever again. Travel in India can be complicated so the best way to organise a food tour of India is to book a tailor made holiday with an experienced operator.


4. New York

There’s just no denying that New York is the hippest city in the US. It’s brimming with cosmopolitan people, stylish young fashionistas, high-flying business people, and interesting people from around the world. Food selection in The Big Apple is generally pretty decent (no matter your tastes) but when it comes to vegan, gluten-free or raw food, it excels in choice and variety with over 60 restaurants to choose from.