Fujairah: Dubai’s Quiet Neighbour Could Be Your Ideal Holiday Destination

Think of the United Arab Emirates the holiday destination that jumps out is probably Dubai. After all, this lavish millionaire’s paradise has been attracting millions of tourists for years.

The infamous skyline, the beautiful marina, the countless attractions and the upscale hotels are amongst the pulls that Dubai has.

Yet you need only travel a little over 100 miles to find a completely different side of the UAE that is beginning to make its own case for holidaymakers.

Fujairah is an Eastern Emirate whose coast sits entirely in the Gulf of Oman, making for warm waters. It’s a largely mountainous region and is much quieter than neighbouring Dubai. But we think Fujairah could be a holidaymaker’s paradise as increasing numbers of tourists flock there. Here are 3 reasons you should consider Fujairah:

Warm Water Beaches

The beaches of Fujairah are on the Gulf of Oman, making for warm waters and a really relaxing environment. You might not immediately associate the UAE with beaches, but Fujairah’s beaches are wonderful for an afternoon soaking up that stunning climate.

Steeped in History

If you fancy a break from the beach and you like to soak up the history and culture of the place you’re visiting, then Fujairah has a treat in store. This is a place where it feels as though much more of the traditional culture of the UAE is retained. You’ll find the oldest mosque in the UAE (Al Bidya Mosque) in Fujairah and other sites of historical interest include the many forts and castles.

Fantastic Value Accommodation

There are a number of hotels in Fujairah, including the Novotel Fujairah, Sandy Beach and the Hilton Fujairah. The hotels often represent great value too.

And let’s not forget that Dubai is just a couple of hours away. So Fujairah holidays are a great option for those looking for the relaxation, cultural immersion and history of a place, while being close enough to spend a day or two enjoying the sights and sounds of Dubai itself.