Great Things to See and Do in Barcelona


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Barcelona is among the top tourist destinations in Europe, and it’s obvious why; it’s full of culture, history, incredible scenery, beautiful beaches, and wonderful people. Not to mention the delightful summertime weather! If you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip to Barcelona, then here are a few of the most popular places to see and things to do while you’re there!


The Picasso Museum
If you’re a fan of art, then the Picasso Museum is definitely an attraction that should be on your list of things to see. Although Picasso wasn’t born in Barcelona, his family moved there in 1895, and Picasso lived there until 1904. The Picasso Museum is the most famous museum in Barcelona, with over 4000 of his works which include early sketches and canvases, detailing his amazing development from student, to the world’s most well-known artist.


Nightlife, Pubs, Clubs, and Restaurants
Barcelona is not all about history and culture, there are some incredible nightlife arenas too, where you’ll find restaurants, clubs, and bars that will give Ibiza a run for it’s money. A lot of the best clubs have guestlists, so make sure you speak with your concierge to get your name on the list to avoid any disappointment of not being able to get in when you turn up.


FC Barcelona Museum & Stadium
If you’re a fan of football, then this is a must-see. The FC Barcelona Museum and Stadium will fill any football fan with glee and excitement. You can buy tickets for a Barcelona game, or if there are no games playing during your visit, you can book a tour of the stadium and the museum. The stadium and museum are among the most popular attractions in Barcelona, with millions of visitors every year! You’ll also find one of the biggest Nike shops in Europe here too, full of Barca FC merchandise! So you can get your shop on too!



Barrio Gotico
If you’re a fan of history then this is a place you need to see. It’s a medieval city of Barcelona dating back to the middle ages. It’s filled with beautiful museums, churches, plazas and markets, and you can even see parts of the old Roman walls. There’s also a museum where you can see remains of streets and Roman houses of Barcino.


Magic Fountain Show of Montjuic
The Font Magica Fountin is truly one of the must-see attractions in Barcelona. It’s a magical experience which children and adults alike will enjoy, filled with lights, water, and music. It was built in 1929 as one of the main attractions for the Barcelona World Fair and remains one of the most popular attractions in Barcelona, receiving around 2.5 million visitors each and every year. It’s completely free, just go and see it, just make sure that you go when it’s open. You can check the opening times with your concierge at your hotel, or any tourism operator in Barcelona.


There you have it, 5 of the most popular things to see and do while you’re visiting Barcelona. If there’s any other must see destinations in Barcelona which you think should have made this list, then please add it to the comments section below so other readers don’t miss it!