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Booking a last minute budget getaway is great for those times when you just need to get away for a bit of TLC. However, there are special occasions when standard accommodation and a cheap location just won’t cut it. Anniversary celebrations and planned proposals require something a little more special. But lavish doesn’t have to equal a large wallet. There are always ways to cut costs, even if you’re visiting an expensive destination like Paris. Instead, here are some tips for how to have a luxury trip on a small budget.

It’s all in the Detail

A luxury holiday doesn’t necessarily have to mean a break in a 5 star resort. Whether you are planning a holiday to a far flung destination, or travelling a few hours to another city, opulence is in the detail.

Rather than travel in the cheapest airline seats or on a busy train, spend a little extra on business class tickets or a luxury hire car. That way you can begin and end your holiday in style, rather than being squashed or sitting in an uncomfortable seat.

Accommodation is important, too. Instead of camping, go glamping. Or choose a countryside B&B as opposed to a basic room in a hotel chain.


Consider Cooking

When you go on vacation, it’s always great to try local cuisines at a fancy restaurant. However, it’s so much cheaper to buy local produce and cook yourself. The majority of self-catering apartments contain crockery, cutlery and basic cooking equipment. So why not go to food markets, bakeries and local butchers and produce a feast in your self-catering apartment? Enjoy your food alfresco on the balcony with a couple of candles, et voila! – you have your very own private, and very romantic, restaurant for two!

Avoid Unnecessary Stress

When you visit somewhere new, you probably find that you struggle to fit everything you want to see into one itinerary. Not to forget that when it comes to converting currency, you deliberate over how much spending money you’ll need.


Rather than struggling to manage your time and money, choose a shoestring tour that offers great value for money. Whether you want to see Thailand, India or the Maldives, there’s an array of budget tours to suit every wallet. On a tour, you will follow a set schedule and be chauffeured to each attraction without having to worry about transport. Plus, tour prices include entry fees, so you can control your budget a lot more effectively.