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Are you planning a visit to the old and romantic Italy? I suggest you to consider visiting not only Venice, Rome and Florence but also a city situated on the Adriatic Coast: Rimini.

Rimini is a city not far from the famous Ravenna and it has the highest number of population of all the region (Emilia Romagna). Rimini is well known as a destination for tourism, entertainment and fun but also for his rich culture, art and history.

I would like to describe you what impressed me most of all the city and to give you some good reason to visit Rimini, that you can also find on

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From morning to dusk there is always something to do in Rimini. I personally love active vacation so I when I visit Rimini I spend most of my time at the beach where I can find many areas equipped for different sports. In the beach resort there are hundreds of play courts where you can play not only beach tennis but also volleyball, football and much more. Around the town there are also a lot of Theme Parks for children and adult. I really love Italia in Miniatura because in just few hours you can get to know all the best of Italy, in fact in the park there are reproduces in miniatures many Italian famous monuments and cities. If you have children I suggest you a visit to Fiabilandia, a wonderful place surrounded by a nice green park with many attractions for all family.

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We all know that in Italy the food is something almost sacred and I can confirm that this is true also in Emilia Romagna. If you visit Rimini try the “piadina” a round and very thin bread made with simple ingredients, but that you can order filled with other typical food like prosciutto, stracchino (a creamy Italian cheese), rugola, sausage and many more. In Rimini the “pasta” is something that cannot miss at any meal and the old women of this area still accustom to prepare pasta with their hands. Try this and you will see the Italy is not just ”spaghetti” and ”maccheroni” but is much more.

Is Rimini just a modern city with hotels, restaurants and beach resorts? No! Let see the ancient origin of the city.

Rimini and Emilia Romagna

Culture and History

Rimini was founded in the 268 B.C. by Romans who left an important inheritance to the territory. In  Rimini you can apreciate the 2.000 old Tiberio Bridge (that is still used daily), Antifeteatro romano, Arco d’Augusto and many more. During the first Renaissance an important Italian family was dominating Rimini and during this period artist like Leon Battista Alberti, Piero della Francesca, Roberto Valturio and Matteo de Pasti that gave to the city an important contribute from the cultural viewpoint.

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